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Jace and Alec training one day after all this shit goes away and Alec taking off his sweatshirt and of course Magnus is with him but jace notices a new rune on Alec’s wrist but?? It’s a tattoo so jace grabs his arm to look at it and gasps then smiles bc it’s the marriage rune in tattoo form then Magnus comes over and pulls up his sleeve to show a matching one and says “Alexander here didn’t want to risk the rune being too powerful for my magic to fight so we just got tattoos. Always the traditional one”

Hello? Person who ordered an iced chai and a vanilla bean frappucino?

(at a Target in Minnesota on the evening of the 2nd of April YES YOU)

Hi I’m your barista and you’re sO cutE

Shadowhunters Tri-Wizard Tournament AU:

  • Hogwarts is abuzz when the students learn from Luke Garroway, their headmaster, that they will be hosting the next Tri-Wizard Tournament
    • Clary and Simon make a decision to put their names in even though they’re pretty sure Lydia or Maureen, the two headgirls who are also the power couple of the school, will get in
  • When the Beauxbatons students arrive, Simon finds himself instantly attracted to a young man who does seemingly impossible acrobatics across the room while his friend does impressive wordless magic
    • Clary calls them over to sit with them, smirking at Simon knowingly, turns out Magnus is a family friend, and Simon learns the cute guy’s name is Raphael
  • Everyone is in awe when the Durmstrang students arrive, and while Simon and Raphael are too busy talking to really pay attention, Clary and Magnus are definitely not too busy
    • Magnus’ eye is caught by a tall student who hangs out near the back but wields his staff with impressive control and power
    • Clary is more interested in the head girl who leads the whole troup, she makes the sharp movements flow and adds an element of dance to the highly technical performance
  • Simon calls the two over, Izzy and Simon dated for a bit before Izzy realized she liked a different gender, but they still stayed friends after the amical breakup
    • Magnus almost pushes Raphael off the bench to make room for Alec, who only blushes slightly, to sit down beside him

(the rest is under a cut because it’s not exactly short) 

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clary is shocked when she finds out that izzy has never swam at a pool just for the fun of it, its always been for practical reasons and been very technical, so she decides to rectify that immediately, planning for them to go to a recreation centre on a chilly fall day and swim to their hearts contents, and, at the end of it, clary and izzy share something new for both of them: an underwater kiss

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Any plans for today? It's such a beautful day out today I think I'm gonna drive somewhere and take a walk.

Alec - Not really. Izzy and Clary are going on a picnic later. Izzy asked me to help make the food to impress Clary. Magnus is planning Simon’s birthday with Raphael.