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shadowhunters characters' voicemails
  • clary: i'm not here right now please leave a message
  • jace: if you have this number you must be blessed, so go on angel face you know what to do
  • alec: *muffled* how does this damn thing work
  • izzy: you've reached miss isabelle lightwood! family, press one. friends, press two. hookups, press three. meliorn, delete my number.
  • simon: if this isn't raphael, leave a message. if it is, how do you keep getting my number??
  • magnus: whO CALLS UPON THE HIGH WARLOCK? *beep*

OK so I’m freaking out now the alliance rune spoiler has actually been confirmed. Remember the bts pic of Harry, Matt and Emmeraude??? Implying that Izzy, Alec and Magnus may be fighting together in the final episode?

Maybe Malec fight together cuz they are both wearing the alliance rune!

Not long after Valentine was taken by the Clave, gossip spread among the downworlders. Whispers about the high warlock of brooklyn and that shadowhunter boy. Whispers about their relationship which has somehow changed.

Vampires, werewolves, seelies, and other warlocks that all admire Magnus already know of this shadowhunter. Many may have been helping him with missions. But now that they know their love is more than a fling, they look at the shadowhunters differently.

Raphael, still recovering from the deaths of the other vampires, hears it from Maia at the bar. He nurses a drink while she cleans a mug.

“Did you hear about Magnus and Alec?” Raphael perks up at the mention of Magnus. He shakes his head as Maia smirks. She sets down the mug and leans forward a little.

“Apparently, they professed their love for each other.” She says, trying to sound dramatic. Raphael chuckles and looks back down at his drink.

“About time. Those two were making me sick with their heart eyes.” Maia smiles and goes back to cleaning mugs.

Simon hears it from Izzy accidentally. As he is turning the corner, looking for Clary, he hears Isabelle talking to Jace.

“Have you felt anything… different? With your parabati connection?” She asks, Simon seeing how her eyes have gone darker not from eye makeup and red. He swallows, wanting to ask what happened and what he can do. He wants to hold her and help her but Jace nods before he can interrupt.

“Very different. My connection with Alec may need to be cut off. I feel like a ray of sunshine is inside of me or something.” He scoffs and crosses his arms. “Do you know what’s happened with him?”

“He hasn’t told you?” Izzy’s face lights up. Simon’s heart skips a beat. His heart never did that around Clary. “Some seelie’s told me. Apparently, after everyone was going back into the institute, Alec and Magnus both told each other they loved each other.” Izzy smirks and mirrors Jace’s stance. He grins.

“Really?” He asks, his eyebrows raising. “God, he’s insane isn’t he? Falling for a downworlder.” He says it with compassion and disbelief, not with any hatred. “Remember when he was the biggest stickler? Never wanting to get into any downworlder business.” Izzy smiles and Simon’s heart does that thing again.

“Yeah… but it’s admirable. He’s found love in the most outrageous place in the world and the last place I’d expect him to. And he’s gone for it.” Izzy sighs and uncrossed her arms, tilting her head. “It’s really brave.”

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10. Sizzy :) (for the paring thing)

Hello x

  • who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation

Simon of course and at first Izzy would really think about killing him because she doesn’t particularly love pets but then Simon would make puppy eyes at her and, to be honest, that is the only kind of puppy eyes that really affects Isabelle’s decisions so she eventually would say yes to the puppy and even grow fond of it.

  • who would force the other to take aesthetic pictures of them

Izzy but Simon doesn’t really mind because he’s the first one who loves taking pictures of her, he just doesn’t get the whole “aesthetically pleasing” concept. Isabelle is always “aesthetically pleasing”.

  • who would do stuff they think is stupid just to make the other one happy

Izzy, like for example watching an entire Anime in a day. She doesn’t get it but listening to Simon’s theories is very amusing.

  • who picks out the horror movies to watch just so the other will cling to them

Izzy does it because she loves them and Simon hates them but not because he’s scared, just because he thinks the plots are awful and the acting too. Moral of the story: Izzy cling to Simon and enjoys both the movie and the cuddles while Simon mutters something about how bad the visual effects are.

  • who is constantly studying and who is constantly trying to distract them

Theoretically, Izzy was supposed to tutor Simon when he had to study in order to become a Shadowhunter, BUT she always got bored so she made Simon neglect the books in favour another kind of private lesson.

  • who initiates the facetime calls whenever they’re separated

Neither of them uses facetime a lot unless they’re separated but still in America because the majority of the times they’re away from home, they’re in Idris and Internet doesn’t work well up there.

  • who is more likely to storm out after a fight and who is more likely to cry when they do

Izzy does both things at the same time while Simon is more likely to sit quietly for a minute or two; then he follows Izzy and hugs her really tight.

  • who stays up way too late binge-watching their favorite shows

Simon does it every single night. He stays awake until 3:00 am to watch some dumb tv show on MTV and Izzy doesn’t even try to bring him to bed anymore, she literally falls asleep on the couch next to him. 

  • who bites the other’s ear when they’re feeling frisky

Izzy does it, it’s one of her favourite tricks because she knows the effect it has on Simon.

  • who sprays the other with water when they’re washing the car

Izzy, obviously, which leads to her running away and Simon chasing after her with a sponge soaked in soapy water.

  • who has more fun decorating the house during holidays

Since Simon is Jewish, he doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but he loves telling Izzy how the Jewish holidays work and they decorate together the house for Hanukkah.

  • who is more likely to give the silent treatment when they’re mad at the other

Izzy does that and it drives Simon crazy because no matter how many time he apologizes, Izzy takes it as a true challenge and they both end up cackling on the floor because Simon starts to pull funny faces at her and in the end she gives up.

  • who plays with the others’ hair more

Izzy loves touching and playing with Simon’s hair but Simon has a thing for Izzy’s; plus, he grew up with a sister who always wanted her hair tied up in a braid so whenever Izzy is nervous or particularly down, Simon makes her sit on the couch and then he starts to carefully comb her hair and to plait them. Izzy loves the gentleness in Simon’s light touch.

  • who is more likely to climb all over the other one when they’re bored

Izzy does that; she’s like a koala, she climbs all over Simon and pokes him and pulls his hair and tickles him just for the pleasure of annoying  him.

  • who tries to kiss the other as often as they can

Simon doesn’t love anything quite as much as he loves Izzy’s kisses, the feeling of her lips on his is more powerful and addictive than any other magic he has ever experienced.

  • who pouts when the other one tells them to shut the fuck up

Simon pouts and makes puppy eyes and Izzy just want him to shut up because she’s focusing on her training but she just can’t resist that adorable little face so they end up making out in the training room.

  • who initiates the sex and who walks away when the other is riled up 

Izzy does it because she’s evil and Simon is too easy to mess with

  • who always forgets the umbrella and who holds it when they actually have one

Both of them forgets the umbrella, they don’t even owe one to be completely honest. But if they ever find one, Simon would probably hold it because he has more experience with mundane objects.

  • who demands showering first in the mornings 

None of them because coffee is the first thing. Coffee and then a kiss and then they can probably hold a conversation without insulting each other.

  • who sneaks into the shower with the other one in the mornings

Izzy would probably be the most likely to do such thing. Simon wouldn’t complain.

  • who prefers riding the roller coasters and who prefers playing the games

Izzy prefers the roller coasters and the adrenaline that comes with them while Simon prefers the games because he’s great at them and he always manages to win at least one stuffed animal.

  • who will text the other one thirty times in a row until they respond

Simon, of course, because he’s annoying and he has nothing to do and he apparently really wants Izzy to punch him.

  • who always forgets to charge their phone overnight

Both of them because they always lose the charger. 

  • who comes up behind the other and slide their hands into their back pockets

Izzy does that because she’s always searching for physical contact. It reassures her.

  • who tries to get hugs from the other as often as they can 

Simon because he secretly is a needy puppy dog.

  • who is louder and who constantly has the tell the other to be quiet

They both are loud and neither of them really mind it.

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Exposure in Process

A/N: Someone asked me to write this a long, long time ago and it’s been sitting in my drafts for god knows how long and I finally finished it. I hope y’all enjoy it! It’s the one where Archie gets a boyfriend and Rae is super skeptical and becomes extremely overprotective of him. Enjoy! 

“What the fuck are we doin’ here this early?” Chop groaned as he threw himself on the cold, hard plastic chair next to Finn in the Chippy. 

“Archie said he’s got somethin’ important to show us,” Izzy rolled her eyes at him as she sat next to Chloe. “And Archie is important to us so stop bein’ such a prat.”

“I’m not bein’ a prat,” Chop defensively declared. “It’s 8 o’clock in the mornin’. We only left the pub 6 hours ago!” 

He folded his arms on the table and rested his head in them, his chair squeaking as his weight shifted. Izzy gave Chloe a look to show her annoyance and her friend slowly nodded slightly in agreement. Everyone was tired, not just Chop, so he had no right to complain. The night before the whole gang were sat at their usual table in the pub until the wee hours of the morning, laughing, drinking, and singing terrible renditions of whatever came on the jukebox. Archie was home for Christmas break, his first visit since going to University, and they all had plenty to catch up on. It wasn’t until they were stumbling out into the damp, cold air that Archie told everyone he wanted to meet at the Chippy the next morning for something important.

“It makes me laugh that the Chippy is our go to place for ‘important’ meetin’s,” Chloe chuckled. 

“Whaddya mean?” Finn asked, craning his head to the door looking for Rae. 

“I mean,” Chloe started. “It’s where we came to talk about Rae bein’ in hospital, it’s where Archie told us he was gay, and now this.”

“Yeah,” Chop grumbled from between his arms. “That’s because it’s only 8 in the mornin’ and the fuckin’ pub isn’t open yet.”

The bell on the door jingled and everyone’s head shot towards it to see who was entering. It was Rae. Finn’s face shone brighter than the fluorescent lights on the linoleum floor. They’d been solidly together for over a year now but Finn still looked at her like she was the sun and he was the sky. 

“Mornin’,” she said, leaning over to kiss him full on the lips. 

“Mornin’,” he whispered against them.

“Mornin’,” the rest teased. 

“Oh, hush up,” Rae snickered sitting on the other side of Finn. “So where’s Arch?” 

“No idea,” Chop declared. “But if he’s not here soon, I’m fuckin’ leavin’ and goin’ back to bed.”

“What’s your deal?” Rae asked him.

“He’s just annoyed that he’s missin’ out on beauty sleep,” Izzy stated, reaching across to smack Chop’s shoulder. “OI!” He shouted. Everyone was too busy laughing at Izzy and Chop’s banter to notice the jingling of the bell, signifying someone entered the Chippy. They also didn’t notice the pair of people approaching their table until two shadows were cast on them. 

“Oh, hiya, Archie bug,” Izzy beamed. However, no one focused on Archie for too long. All their eyes seemed to slowly move from Archie to the person standing next to him. He was taller than Archie, but only slightly, and his lush brown hair had the subtlest traces of blond highlights. His eyes were the color of black coffee and his skin was the most delectable shade of caramel. Rae, Chloe, and Izzy were visibly gaping at this mystery person that he was turning the same shade of red as the collared shirt he was wearing. Comprehension seemed to dawn on everyone but Chop. 

“So what’s the important thing you had to tell us.” Finn smacked him upside the head so Izzy didn’t have to. “Oi! What’d ya do that for?” He shrieked, turning towards Finn while rubbing the back of his head. 

“Guys,” Archie started softly. “This is Ivan. My boyfriend.”

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May I ask why you like maryse so much? Like when I was reading the books, esp after cohf she just reminded me of every abusive parent I have ever known and like her only redeeming quality to me was her acceptance of Alec but even then i was just sorta like well too little too late but you like seriously stan for her?? I swear I'm not trying to be rude I am genuinely curious

This was a tricky question to answer, because my love for Maryse is a many-headed animal, and one that I feel is somewhat uncommon in the fandom (not that I blame people, she’s a minor character, minor characters don’t have as much screentime as mains, it happens),  so I went about typing it out, and it became an extremely long Maryse-analysis and loveletter to Maryse Lightwood, so basically, I’m putting it under a cut, because it’s now quite long.

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Autumn Leaves - Part 5

I know its late but happy new year everyone I hope you all had a lovely day and have a great year. Thanks for liking and reblogging the last part and as always I hope you enjoy this.

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That night Finn couldn’t sleep for thinking about her. He tossed and turned, he even put on a record in the hope it would help him drift off like it usually did, but not this time. His every thought was consumed of Rae Earl. He wondered if she’d be lying in bed unable to sleep for thoughts of him too, probably not he decided. He wondered why she’d think so horribly about herself or even think he’d be so horrible as to think that way about her. He then realised he barley knew her and she barley knew him. He so badly wanted to know her though. To know her every thought. What her plans for the future were, or what she thought of the new Weezer album. What she thought of his band but he’d find that out on Saturday. Why didn’t he think this much about Chloe. She was his girlfriend and here he was unable to sleep for thinking about her best friend. He liked Chloe, he really did and she was a beautiful girl but well they didn’t really have much in common. There was no connection. There was with Rae though, even if thy had only really argued he felt a spark there and he hoped she did too. He’d have to end things with Chloe he decided. Maybe he’d do it tonight before the party. He figured she wouldn’t be too upset they barley knew each other after all and then they could just enjoy themselves.


Rae and Izzy where walking out of school chatting about nothing in particular when Chloe came running up behind them.

“Alright you two, fancy coming round mines before the party and we can all get ready together” she said panting for a breath.

“Yeah that sounds great I want to look good tonight” Izzy said.

“Oh yeah who you trying to impress” Chloe teased doing a dance with her eyebrows.

“No-no one I just want to dress up that’s all” Izzy said nervously letting out a little laugh.

“What about you Rae” Chloe asked.

“I suppose I could as long as it doesn’t involve me getting a bloody make over and ending up looking like a man in drag” Rae sighed.

“Oi you cheeky mare me and Iz put in a lot of effort last time” Chloe said.

“Yeah you looked great Rae, really sexy” Izzy added causing the other two to laugh.

“Oh really I must’ve had something wrong with my eyes that night, oh wait that’s right I did, i couldn’t see fuck all because you two used too much glue on them stupid eyelash things” Rae complained folding her arms across her chest.

Chloe and Izzy burst out laughing causing Rae to roll her eyes.

“Alright so maybe we went a bit far with the eye makeup but we wouldn’t use lashes on you this time” Chloe said.

“Yeah that’s right you won’t because you won’t be anywhere near my face, what time shall we head to yours”.

“Around half 6 if that’s alright with yous” Chloe suggested,

“Yep sounds perfect Chlo” Izzy said.

“Well alright i’ll see you two later Finn said he wanted to see, had something to talk to me about so i’m off to his just now” Chloe said before giving them a wave and strutting off.

“I wonder what that’s all about” Izzy stated curiously.

“I guess she’ll fill us in later”.


Later that night Rae and Izzy arrived at Chloe’s to find her crying which wasn’t like her at all.

“Oh don’t cry Chlo” Izzy soothed, squeezing her friend into a hug.

“So what exactly did he say” Rae asked. She was so angry with Finn. She knew she was right about him. He only wanted one thing and now that he’d got it he was done with her.

“Oh just some rubbish about us having nothing and common and there being no connection and how he thinks we make better friends. How can he say that, i mean he slept with me he obviously felt something unless he was just using me” Chloe scowled angrily, sniffing and trying to stop crying. She hated to cry.

“Finn wouldn’t do that Chlo he’s a nice guy maybe he really does think your better as friends” Izzy said trying to see things from Finns point of view.

“I’m not so sure Iz I’ve always had a bad feeling about him” Rae said.

“Yeah well I bloody know that Rae all you did was argue with him, maybe that’s why he broke up with me. Maybe he was fed up with you” Chloe shouted.

“Oh no! You are not pinning this on me Chloe.” Rae shouted back, shocked she at what her ‘best friend’ had just said.

“Come on guys stop arguing yeah, let’s just get ready and go have a great night” Izzy said.


The 3 girls walked into the party and headed straight for the kitchen figuring that’s where the boys would be if it was anything to do with Chop.

“Ohhh check yous, i think we’re with the best looking girls in here lads” Chop said as he greeted the girls.

“I think you might be right there Chopper” Archie said before saying hi to each of the girls with a hug.

There was tension after that between Chloe, Rae and Finn and everyone else noticed it.

Rae was the first to break it though. “Right i need a drink, what you got for me Chop” Rae said walking over to the counter where Chop was standing and giving him a slap on the back.

“Well Raemundo i was thinking we could start off the night with a couple of shots my dear, what do ya say” Chop asked his smile from ear to ear.

“I think that’s a pretty great idea” Rae replied.

“Right well gather round you lot, I’ve a feeling this night is gonna get messy” Chop shouted enthusiastically before filling up 12 glasses with vodka and Sambuca.


Around two hours later Rae found herself in the living room sat in the corner surrounded by cd’s. After the shots everyone had pretty much gone there separate ways. Rae had barley seen any of the gang in age and she wondered where they’d got to. Just as she was putting Definitely Maybe into the cd player she felt someone sit down next to her.

“Mind if I join ya?”.

Rae turned her head to find Finn looking sceptically at her. She didn’t reply, just shrugged her shoulders and lifted her can of cider to her lips only to realise it was empty.

“I brought you another drink, figured you might’ve finished that one” Finn quietly said handing her a can.

Rae took the can from him and opened it taking a large gulp before she picked up a cd and read the song list on the back. She really wasn’t in the mood to talk to Finn Nelson especially after what he’d done to Chloe.

“Look I know you don’t want to talk to me and that’s fine but I, I just wanted to say that i’m sorry about last night. You got the wrong of the stick I didn’t mean to upset ya I jus-”

“Why’d you brake up with Chloe?” Rae asked interrupting him.

“What?” Finn asked confused.

“Well you just said you didn’t mean to upset me, but you’ve upset Chloe. Did you just use her for a shag? Was that your plan all along? Just use her for sex then leave her, even if she gets hurt in the meantime?” Rae asked not looking at him.

“What? No course not. How could you even think that? We just didn’t click-”

“Yeah that’s what she said but surely if that’s the case you wouldn’t have slept with her in the first place. If you didn’t feel anything for her,” Rae said now looking at him. She couldn’t read his expression. It was a mixture of confusion and well she thought he was maybe upset but hat reason would he have to be upset.

Finn couldn’t understand how Rae could think so little of him. He understood she was looking out for her friend and he knew that they hadn’t got off to the best of starts but she was really hurting his feelings now. She must really hate me he thought to himself.

“I get that your looking out for Chlo and I respect that cause i’d do the same for Arch or Chop but is that what you really think of me? I would never ever do that to a girl. Me and Chloe had nothing in common, there was nothing there. Yeah there was an attraction but not much else. I thought maybe after i’d slept with her i’d feel different. I know that was wrong now but I honestly didn’t realise she liked me that much. We never really even talked.” Finn said, hoping she’d understand. Willing her not to hate him.

Rae stayed quiet for a while thinking about what he’d said. She could hear the honesty in his voice and she could see it in his eyes when he spoke. She felt guilty for accusing him of intentionally hurting Chloe and she realised she’d got him wrong.

“I believe you” she finally said.

“Sorry” he said not quite believing what he’d heard.

“I believe you. I know you never hurt Chloe on purpose and I guess I got you wrong.” she said giving him a slight smile.

“Can we start again and for real this time” he asked returning her smile.

“Yeah, i’d like that.” she replied.


The two sat chatting for an hour or so taking it in turns to go and get the drinks. They talked about almost everything and found they had quite a lot in common. They where just sitting in silence when the Beatle’s love me do began to play. Finn let out a little laugh through his nose.

“What’s funny?” Rae asked looking at him to see him smiling as though he was remembering something.

“It’s just, I used to sing this song to me nan before she passed away. She loved the Beatle’s, never stopped playing them. She was always banging on about how handsome they were. You remind me of her actually always going on about something.” Finn laughed looking at her with admiration.

“Oi ya dickhead what’s that supposed to mean” Rae asked laughing.

“No I like it, I like talking to you and I don’t like talking to anyone” Finn said raising his eyebrows.

“Is that right?” Rae teased.

“Nah im only joking” he teased back.

Rae gently shoved him but she done it harder than intended and he fell over causing them both to burst into laughter. She held her hand out to help him up and they ended up face to face. Finn couldn’t help but get lost in her eyes, they were just so beautiful to him. He then averted his eyes to her plump lips and he couldn’t help but want to kiss them. He gently placed his hand on her cheek and when she didn’t flinch or pull away he leant in to kiss her but was interrupted.

“What’s going on here!!”.