izzy and harry

Representation at it’s best

Magnus Bane: Bisexual Male of Color who is unapologetically himself, also portrayed by the beautiful Harry Shum Jr. an Asian American actor and a MOC.

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Alec Lightwood: An openly gay man  

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Malec: A healthy same sex relationship

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Raphael Santiago: An CANON Asexual character who is expressive of his sexuality

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Izzy Lightwood: A strong woman who is in every way equal to her male peers being portrayed by the lovely Emeraude Toubia who is half Latina and half Lebanese.

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SImon Lewis: A jewish vampire, portrayed perfectly by Alberto Rosende who is Latino

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Luke Garroway: played by Isaiah Mustafa who is a Black actor portraying an originally white character.

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Not only the main cast but the recurring cast is also vastly diverse

Maia Roberts

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Maryse Lightwood

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Victor Aldertree

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  • Alec: I need everyone to help me out for this next mission.
  • Jace: Should I go get Magnus?
  • Alec: Absolutely not.
  • Clary: Why not? He's powerful, won't we need him?
  • Alec: I can't have him around, it's too distracting.
  • Simon: Because of his jewelry that always makes noise when they clank together?
  • Alec: No, I need to keep my head straight and when he's around I'm everything but straight.
  • Izzy: You guys walked right into that one.

shadowhunterstv: Thanks for watching with us tonight. We can’t wait to do it the same time again next week! 🤗 #Shadowhunters

Magnus: In order break the spell Jace you must kiss the prettiest person in the room
Jace: Clary?
Clary: *blushing* yeah?
Jace: Move, I’m trying to get to Simon

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-maia is gonna be a series 3 regular

-malec is never gonna go downhill

-dom will always be jimon stan #1

-everything leads up to malec’s unending happiness

-a fuckinf dragon

-i really love life

할로윈을 맞은 선택받은 아이들 일러스트가 떴었죠! 그 중에서 해리포터에 나오는 래번클로 기숙사의 옷을 입은 한솔이가 정말 잘 어울린다고 생각해요:D

There was a Halloween illustration of the DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure Tri.  I think it’s really look good “ Izzy Izumi” in the costume of the Ravenclaw dorm in Harry Potter :D