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Watching MMFD with my best guy friend: Series 1 Commentary

I finally convinced my best guy friend to watch MMFD and he then proceeded to watch the entire first season in two days. I just had to share some of his commentary:

“Like a boss. Haha - don’t act like your not impressed.”

“She doesn’t need all that stuff - she was already pretty.”

“Someone seriously needs to punch this kid in the face.”

(seconds later) "Thank you… wait, who is that? Is that Finn? Holy crap!“

 "Whoa, he is seriously into her.”

“If a guy ever puts his legs on you like that, he wants to have sex with you. There is no discussion.”

“Chop just became my favorite character.”

“You kiss her. Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, KISS HER!! Oh come on, man!”

“This might be the best show I’ve ever seen. Do you have the 2nd season? Do you? Do you?”


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