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Could you elaborate your last answer more? I think that theory is very interesting. (Who else thinks Clary and Simon don't match? Magnus seemed very supportive. And Izzy and Alec don't know about it/don't care) I think it's strange that Jace thinks Simon's dislike for him could endanger Clace's friendship, because he is the one who pushed her away and endangered their friendship and didn't seem to want to be friends. And he doesn't do much to make Simon like him.

In the last half of 2A Jace was actually trying to improve his relationship with Clary when he was up for it. He was going through a lot of his own stuff and he was going through it pretty much alone. He wasn’t exactly in the condition to be playing big brother most of the season. 

He helped her through Jocelyn’s death/funeral and tried to give her advice about her rune powers. He jumped to action the second he found out she was in trouble, fought along side her when she needed backup. He was there for her through all the stuff with the blood oath. He told her he was happy for her when she got with Simon because she looked happy. He was trying. He knew he needed to make up for pushing her away so much earlier. 

My theory about Jace thinking Simon could have an effect on his friendship with Clary comes from the scene in 2x08 after Alec almost jumps. Simon pulls Jace away from Alec to accuse him of saying something to Clary that made her mad at him. The first sign that something was wrong in Simon and Clary’s new relationship and Simon blamed Jace just because he talked to Clary alone for a couple minutes. It’s kind of a clue that Simon isn’t the secure in their relationship and that Jace is one of the reasons. 

As for how the others feel about Simon and Clary. The main reason their supportive is because Clary seems happy for the first time since her mom died, and she has plenty to worry about that doesn’t have anything to do with Simon so there really isn’t a reason to point out that the two of them are better as friends.

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A Specific Rune || Closed


Clary came to him first.  She didn’t tell Alec, or Izzy, or even Jace.  “I wasn’t sure you would want me to offer this to him,” she said softly, handing the piece of paper over to Magnus.

As Magnus unfolded the paper, his breath caught in his throat. “Biscuit, is this what I think it is?”

She nodded.  “An immortality rune.  One that Alec could have if you want it.

Magnus didn’t give her an answer, keeping the paper but forgetting all about it.

It wasn’t a conversation they had yet and Magnus wasn’t going to force the issue, though the rune stayed at the front of his mind.  

“Alexander!” Magnus grinned when Alec came home for the night.  “How was the Institute?  Dreadfully dull as always?“


✿ alec and izzy appreciation post  ✿    [1/?]

“So lets distract them.”                                                                                                                                 “So lets distract them.”