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"Imagine your OTP trying to read their kid a bedtime story but their kid doesn’t like any of the books so your OTP ends up telling their kid the story of how they met." IZZIEE


I wrote it. Sorry if it’s shitty.

Little Tracy Anderson-Hummel was five years old and, like every kid that age, she was full of energy. That’s why it was so hard for her parents to make her go to sleep. Every night, when the clock striked 9pm, Kurt and Blaine prepared for the marathon.

First, change her into her pajamas, then tell her to brush her teeth. Tracy did those without complaining, but then the real work started: put her to bed. They got her teddy bear and Blaine picked her up.

“Come on, sweetie, it’s time to sleep.” He said, lovingly

“But daddy, I don’t want to go to bed! I wanna stay awake with you and papa!”

“We will be with you until you fall asleep, darling.” Kurt interjected.

“I don’t believe you, papa, you always say that, but the minute you turn off the lights, you’re gone.”

“What if we tell you a bedtime story?” Blaine asked, trying to calm his daughter.

“Both of you? Together?” Her eyes sparkled.

“Together. Right, Kurt?”

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