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i really like your team-up headcanons :D do you have any for Pidge and Keith?

  • two chaotic goods walk into a bar. they blow up the bar. it was filled with galran soldiers
  • *pidge sees keith* *automatically thinks of that leeroy jenkins video*
  • lance may be the Hot Mess of the squad but these two are just plain messes
    • do they sleep?? ever??? probably not
    • but seriously can they please just go to bed at any time other than 3 am. they’re stressing shiro out
  • are always ready to fight. always
  • the type of friends that can sit in the same room together for hours without talking until one of them is suddenly like “okay but who would win in a fist fight, allura or zarkon”
  • keith can’t fit in the castle vents like pidge can and he’s salty about it
  • shiro: “saying ’screw it’ and charging into battle is no longer an acceptable response when I ask if you guys have a plan”
  • lance learned what true fear was the day keith and pidge turned to him in unison to roast him
  • *either opens their mouth* hunk: “if this is anything vaguely conspiracy related, I literally don’t wanna hear it”
Books vs Show (again because I'm in a mood about CC rn)

Book!Jace: asshole to everyone at all times, in love with girl who he thinks is his sister, tries to bone said girl in a ditch, main character trait is “gold”, brought condom to demon realm while trying to save friends (including his brother’s boyfriend)
Show!Jace: sassy but sweet, would die for anyone including downworlders (because why not), refuses to persue girl he thinks is his sister, understands that Clary is with Simon and doesn’t try to ruin their moment by telling her that they aren’t related, needs a hug and a nap
Book!Clary: hates Izzy because she’s pretty, bitchy all the time, makes out with the boy she thinks is her brother, puts everyone in danger without caring about them so she can wake her mother, gets pissed off at her mother when she wakes up, thirsty 24/7, just generally extremely fucking annoying
Show!Clary: smol, fucks everything up but tried her best, best friends with Izzy and appreciates her, sticks up for everyone, puts self in danger to save Meliorn, becomes sudden badass after like no training???
Book!Simon: fuckboyest fuckboy out of all the fuckboys, can’t date best friend for longer than a book but then is dating two girls at once, tells neither Izzy nor Maia about the other, tries to play the victim after they find out, only really there to be the Unrequited Lover
Show!Simon: my son, “nerd hot”, always nervous, references for days, never done anything wrong, worries more about unconscious Alec than he does about Clary’s weird-ass accusations, adorable
Book!Izzy: over-sexualised, slutshamed, calls Jace sexy, hates Clary because she’s a girl, shit at cooking, good with a whip, likes roleplaying, character “development” is going from being with Meliorn to being with Simon
Show!Izzy: canonically a genius, “best forensic pathologist in New York”, my daughter, deserves better, loves her brothers, not sexualised, “comfortable with her body, uses good looks as an advantage, badass, can do anything in high heels, wants mother compliment her, supports downworlder rights, supportive of Alec since they were children, is one of the main reasons why Malec are together
Book!Luke: werewolf, in love with Jocelyn, owns book shop, shows up like twice a book, like that’s it???
Show!Luke: Dad Friend, dog person, great alpha, protective of his family and their friends, only killed alpha to save Clary and her friends, also my son, 100% done with Shadowhunters, needs a break, father figure for Clary and Simon, always willing to help, vampire pun king
Book!Magnus: party king, sass lord, wears the weirdest clothes ever like what, doesn’t want to make Alec feel uncomfortable, “freewheeling bisexual”, best cat names ever, has fewer scenes than Church (who used to be his own cat), but seriously how can his clothes be considered stylish
Show!Magnus: High Warlock of Brooklyn, biggest badass ever, Dad Friend even to other Dad Friends, helps Shadowhunters without expecting as much as a “thank you”, Hair Goals, Home Goals, best boyfriend ever, always tries to help everyone, chooses his son (Raphael) over Camille, not interested in Shadowhunters’ drama, most iconic lines, extra af, stylish af, casually name-drops Michelangelo, Freud, and Casanova
Book!Alec: doesn’t kill a demon for eighteen years, bitchier than Clary, is in love with Jace but still dates Magnus, slams Clary into a wall and threatens to kill her when she says she knows he’s gay, accuses Simon of threatening him when he brings up him being gay, extremely biphobic, random sassiness in last book, tries to get rid of Magnus’ immortality without him knowing, mistakes Maia for Magnus, whines at everyone about everything
Show!Alec: Gay Stutter, tol, invented sass and eye-rolling, loves his siblings, loves his boyfriend, loves everyone, just wants to be a good shadowhunter, deserves better parents, badass demon killer, gets fed up of hiding a part of himself and kisses his crush in the middle of his wedding, is over Jace when he starts dating Magnus, doesn’t care about Magnus being bi, always getting cockblocked, can’t function when talking near/about Magnus, done with your Hetero Bullshit, needs some days off work, MY SON

so instead of izzy being addicted to drugs, cl*mon, hurting raphael etc, can we please just have those scenes replaced with magnus doing magic or kicking ass please and thank you


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