izzie adams

girl meets suicide squad au

// the world’s being overrun by super powered beings and the government’s worried about their lack of defense against them. their solution? assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet and force them to do their dirty work. meet the suicide squad //

//the members//

maya hart, also known as deadshot, has been in the game for a while. growing up in a bad neighborhood, she learned pretty quickly that you had to do whatever it took to survive. she learned how to fight when she was little and could shoot a gun by the age of 7. she was good with a gun, never missing a target. people took notice and she quickly became the best assassin the world had seen. she needed money and if shooting a gun got her that money, it was fine with her. she had a good career until she was 24, when she was caught by the bat. she’s been in the adams prison ever since, until she was recruited for task force x. she’s one of the unofficial leaders of the squad, the other leader being harley quinn, the next member.

riley matthews, now know as harley quinn, wasn’t always a villain. in fact, she was a ball of sunshine most her life, choosing to become a psychiatrist to help others. she worked with the criminally insane and met the guy who would ruin her whole life, charlie gardner, also known as the joker. he took advantage of riley and when he escaped, he took her with him and drove her to insanity due to his torture. riley became harley quinn, the joker’s own person play toy. sad thing is, she’s actually in love with him, no matter how much pain he put her through. the two were the king and queen of the crime world in gotham, until charlie gave riley up so he could escape. she was sent to adams prison as well and was there till she was chosen for the squad. her weapon of choice is a baseball bat or her gun from mistah j.

lucas friar, also known as diablo, is a texan with a temper. he was born with the ability to create fire in the palms of his hands. usually he can control it, but when he loses his temper, his control goes out the window. and he loses his temper a lot, especially when his friends and family are involved. after a bad family dispute, friar lost control and burned his whole family to a crisp. he was sent to adams prison and was chosen for the squad. he tried not to use his powers but will if needed.

farkle minkus, also known as killer croc, was a scientist whose experiment ruined his life. after an explosion at his lab left him mutated, he was shunned from society. he tried to be accepted but wherever he went, chaos followed. he was arrested and brought to adams prison where he was eventually chosen to join the squad. while many are scared of his appearance, his team mates aren’t and like him for who he is on the inside. he gained super strength from the explosion, which comes in handy on missions.

izzy smackle, also known as enchantress, is a scientist who was possessed by an ancient power on a science trip a few years ago. at first, she has some control over the evil being but when the enchantress is in control, it’s not pretty. izzy was sent to adams prison for her own protection and has learned to control her. she’s able to call her and work with her to help out the squad on missions.

zay babineaux, also known as captain boomerang, is the comic relief of the team. he’s had a love of gold for most of his life and when he made some high tech boomerangs in collage, he could take as much gold as he wanted. he’s a master thief and was captured by the flash and taken to adams prison before being asked to join the squad. he cracks the most jokes on a mission and steals the most as well.

and who brought all these criminals together? missy bradford, a top government agent whose probably the worst out of all of them. she’s not one to cross, trust me. together, these criminals make up task force x, though they’re better known as the suicide squad.
The wedding//Closed


Leave it to Izzy he adored his little sister but when she rambled about all the decorations,and everything he’d found himself just nodding. Wasn’t till later when it was an bit dark he hadn’t even thought much of it but she gave an small speech in itself about it being so Raphael could be there. 

Oh and she purposely made sure he was busy all afternoon which made him roll his eyes. There was also her ‘wait no’ and several remarks about how annoying his hair was to deal with. Far more fuss than the first time and when his phone went off with an text from Magnus he immediately had it swiped from his hand a moment. 

But then there was the ceremony standing there he fussed with his suit some,Izzy had been adamant in repicking it several times. So now he was wearing an somewhat sparkly silver suit with an dark blue shirt,and a red tie. Had convinced her to let him wear his combat boots as comprimise but otherwise no all black. 

Was chatting with Jace an bit when he felt Izzy gently smack him turning towards the doors and he felt his heart skip an beat,reminding himself to close his mouth some but was smiling seeing why Izzy had gone with silver,probably purposely had arranged for Magnus to be in gold. Taking an deep breath and could feel Izzy fixing his tie before she vanished right as Magnus walked up the steps.