izzi illustrates

I’m working on a couple more pieces for something I’m working on before I get to the requests for the winners of my raffle. Here’s Izzy! I actually liked drawing modern clothes for once 


Don’t touch me, boy I want you. Not allowed to, you have someone that loves you.

I painted these based of the beautiful music video of “Someone that loves you” by HONNE and Izzy Bizu. It tells a story about a forbidden love between a Geisha and a young man. I’s sorry, have deprived you of Geisha Keith I’m sorry. HANDS UP IF YOU WANT GEISHA KEITH BC I SURE DO WANNA DRAW GEISHA KEITH EEE


😷 - high fever - Nathan

Thanks @dystant37​ who requested this! I actually ended up talking about how some of my ocs would act when sick over on my other blog when I had a cold, and yeah honestly tbh Nate’s a great candidate for this one. I wanted to do a bunch of sketches for it because Nate has a lot of Moods when he’s sick.

Step 1. Deny it. You’re too cool to get sick, try to do everything you can do when healthy and be personally offended when ur body gets exhausted. Step 2. whine and complain to anyone who will listen but mostly to all ur dates until they spoil you. Step 3. get antsy and grumpy. Step 4. get Dramatic™. Step 5. feel really miserable and finally, reluctantly,, pass out and sleep for a full day with as many bf/gfs as you can fit on a couch.

He doesn’t like to rest.. He’s too energetic for this and also he’s a big bABY. He’ll only stay in bed if there’s cuddles involved. There wasn’t enough room on the couch for a Levi though, he will just have to watch over the sleepy babes. Look. I really wasn’t.. planning to draw the Mix n Match ship but it just kinda happened..

Don’t worry abt the first sketch, it’s only a band practice so Mark will cancel it until lil bro Nate feels better. Then the hair up sketchies are with Izzy, and the full drawing is, of course,, all the babes. Lucky and Levi are @duck-n-clover‘s ocs.