izzi illustrates

human au where izzy is a writer and clary is an artist and they both go to each other when they need inspiration (meaning that clary draws pictures of izzy everywhere and izzy writes poems about clary’s hair). sometimes clary illustrates izzy’s novels and sometimes izzy writes certain things based on drawings that clary leaves all over the place. they have a small apartment with pictures hung up everywhere, small potted plants, and journals everywhere and in the winter they snuggle up together on the couch with tea or hot chocolate and izzy types away on her laptop while clary holds a small sketch book on her lap and doodles. 

Bloodborne AU where Irreverent Izzy still exists and you can talk to her/have her help you. 

Also she is literal werewolf science grandma and knows a tremendous amount about how beasthood works… and may or may not have such odd looking horns because she keeps snapping them off to study their properties each time they regrow in a different way… >_>;;