You Want Izzet? We Got Izzet!

The news is in folks! Blue/Red is broken in half. Izzet lists have won GP San Diego and taken second at the Pro Tour, and we’re bringing you budget versions of each!

Creatures (19)
4x Chief of the Foundry
4x Ornithopter
4x Phyrexian Revoker
3x Thopter Engineer
4x Whirler Rogue

Non-Creature Spells (19)
4x Ensoul Artifact
4x Ghostfire Blade
4x Shrapnel Blast
3x Springleaf Drum
4x Stubborn Denial

Lands (22)
4x Darksteel Citadel
3x Foundry of the Consuls
7x Island
4x Mountain
4x Swiftwater Cliffs

First up is Artifacts/Affinity/Scissors that took second at the PT! A synergistic aggro deck, this is looking to drop your opponent from 20 to 0 ASAP. Plan A is to Ensoul up a cheap artifact, be it Ornithopter, Drum, Blade, or Citadel, and beat down, finishing off the opponent with Shrapnel Blast. Plan B is the use your token producers with a Chief of the Foundry to create a deadly flying armada, and play the slightly longer game.

The only thing we lose to budget is Hangerback Walker, which makes our long game a bit worse, but instead we play more token producers and can swarm the board a little bit faster.

Creatures (4)
4x Humble Defector

Non-Creature Spells (29)
4x Anger of the Gods
4x Magmatic Insight
3x Monastery Siege
2x Roast
2x Send to Sleep
4x Sphinx’s Tutelage
4x Tormenting Voice
4x Treasure Cruise
2x Whelming Wave

Lands (27)
7x Island
4x Swiftwater Cliffs
8x Mountain
4x Mystic Monastery
4x Radiant Fountain

Our second deck, fresh off of a GP win, attacks the opponent in a totally different way but is just as fast out of the gates. The entire deck is built to abuse Sphinx’s Tutelage. Once you have the enchantment in play, your goal is to simply draw cards until your opponent drops dead. Red draw spells are cheap and help you filter through your deck to find a Tutelage, and Treasure Cruise’s raw power helps you put the game away. Cards like Anger and Roast keep the board clear so that you can keep on millin’.

The real version of this deck runs 4 Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, but he costs 25 bucks right now! We’ve replaced with him a playset of Humble Defector’s. They cost the same, and can draw you a lot of cards. The deck is fast enough that you’re quite happy to get the Defector back and to keep on drawing.

Both of these Izzet builds are quite explosive, and we hope you enjoy crushing your opponent in the name of science!



Docent of Perfection is a fantastic card fitting into a lot of Izzet decks as most commanders for it are Wizards. Jori En, Arjun, Mizzix, to make a few.

Further, it creates tiny wizards. This is already fantastic as the downside to wizard tribal was the lack of disposable wizards.

Please give some thanks to our giant experimental eldrazi bug wizard human before you leave tonight for tonight’s entertainment.


FNM 1/11/14


So I ended up going 1-3.

BUT THAT’S OKAY because about halfway through round 2 I started to get a feel for what I was doing wrong and the kinds of cards I should be running.  I sided in a one-of Epic Experiment, and any game I played it in I won.  So I switched out some stuff and put in three of those for starters.  I’ll continue tweaking throughout the week and I’ll post a 2.0 decklist some time tomorrow hopefully.  

It was, as always, tons of fun taking this deck on its maiden voyage.  I’m excited to see what i can do with it after a few weeks when it’s in better shape.

V 1.0: D-

Master the Blue Sun

Preface: This is our favorite deck. The whole squad spent two nights on Skype crafting this beauty, and we’ve all fallen in love (some of us with the deck, others with Gin Jitaxias). It started out as an Izzet Tron deck, and evolved into what you see before you today. If anyone makes a video series with this deck, whether it be in real life or on MTGO, I will make you a special prize/fall in love with you.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Creatures (10)
4x Arbor Elf
2x Rampaging Baloths
4x Sakura-Tribe Elder

Non-Creature Spells (27)
2x Garruk Wildspeaker
4x Explore
4x Master the Way
4x Sleight of Hand
3x Urban Evolution
4x Utopia Sprawl
3x Blue Sun’s Zenith
3x Mana Leak

Lands (23)
10x Forest
2x Gruul Turf
5x Island
2x Mountain
4x Simic Growth Chamber

The main strategy of the deck is to cast a Blue Sun’s Zenith on end-step for a huge pile of cards, and then untap and burn the opponent out with Master of the Way. Simple, right? We just need to acquire a ludicrous amount of mana to draw 8-10 cards off of Blue Sun’s.

Enter: the rest of the deck. This pile is all about making a lot of mana. So much mana. Crazy amount of mana! Explore, Urban Evolution, and Sakura-Tribe Elder drop extra lands onto the battlefield. Arbor Elf and Garruk combo with Utopia Sprawl (Arbor Elf into Sprawl with 2 Forests is 4 mana on turn 2!). And bounce lands synergies nicely with Explore effects and Garruk’s untap.

But the deck can’t always pull off its main combo fast enough. Our secondary win-con is Rampaging Baloths. With all these land drops going on its easy to go crazy with these guys. Try to cast them with at least one land drop remaining, that way, even if it meets a Terminate you still get a 4/4. The Baloths can be just as deadly as the Master after the Blue Sun’s as well. Dropping these and following up with a few Explores is a surefire way to overrun the board (and combos nicely with the Overrun ultimate from Garruk!).

And of course, blue is hanging around to give us some card protection and selection. Sleight of Hand smooths out our draws and helps us dig for the combo/ramp pieces we need, and Mana Leak will help stop early aggression while we’re setting up.

Isn’t it beautiful? Like many home-brew combos, it’s a little prone to losing to itself, but when it goes off it feels fantastic. If you like big mana, drawing cards, burn, or making enormous armies (so…if you’re a Magic player) then this deck has something for you!

#B (with creative credits also going to -G, ~T, and -i)