izzes “pls help me i have no money” commissions

hi!!! im in urgent need of money for school supplies!! (i am a poor art student i should have never went to college) so im doing emergency commissions!!!

$6 for a headshot, buy 3 and i’ll give you a free one


(character design for sekibanki) (sry for mentionin u bruh, too lazy to paste ur link in)

$10 for full body drawings, buy 3 and ill draw you another free one


everything will be handled by email, so pls email me @ bulbasaur874@gmail.com, pls do not notify me via tumblr, if anything msg me that you sent me an email on tumblr! the payment will be done through paypal

if you dont want to pay for commissions mabye support me on patreon, every bit helps! or if youre not interested pls signal boost this!!! thank you for reading!

*i will not draw nsfw or mechas*


1. (finished3/3)

2. (finished1/1)

3. (finished3/3)

4. (____)

5. (____)

new commission post!!
ok so i decided to do more stuff with commissions and stuff!! (Woah! izze actually doing things!)
ok so first of all contact info? if you need to contact me in anyway, you can email me at bulbasaur874@gmail.com, or contact via twitter! i use paypal for this btw! (idk about tumblr sometimes it eats up asks?)

also if you cant commission me but rather support me heres my patreon if you want it!

ok sooo art stuff

sketches will be $3, ($1 for extra character)

tiny arts will be $5, always full body ($2 for extra character)

flat colour will be $6, $2 for any extra character (a bust would be $4)

full coloured and shaded drawings are $10 ($4 for extra character and bust is just $6)

sprites will be $10 and i will usually make 20 different sprites depending on what you want!

( also its transparent so you could use it whenever!!)

also animations might be a thing, $2 per frame and $5 per frame if coloured (if you request full body i might do it, but ill most likely draw bust)

also bg might just be a plain flat colour, but i will try my best to draw a bg if you want me too!!

also i may not draw certain things? i will draw gore and such, but i will not draw anything supppeeerrr nsfw!!

i guess that’s all the basic info? if theres any problem you may ask me!


hey guys i made a new commissions post! i will be using the money i get and donate half to a charity of my liking and half towards what i need (such as school,medication, anything else!) 

please remember that i am still learning how to animate, so please do not ask me for huge projects (such as an action scene)

for more examples of art please visit my patreon and artblog