I know I said no more but I’m a terrible blogger XD.

I won’t say I was entirely in the right, since I did “poke the bear” for a little bit longer than was probably necessary. What they did was unacceptable regardless of “mental illness.” (Which Autism being classified as a disorder means you have to have a “neurotypical” brain to set as the “standard”…which means communication barriers = deficiency…which is utter rubbish…but that’s a rant for another day XD.) But anyone who sent them hate, Anon or not..was just as in the wrong. Hate just begets more hate. It really does. I sincerely hope in time that they can find socialisation/coping resources…but sociopathic behaviour is a tricky puzzle to solve. Bullying comes from a very dark place, just like most negative learned behaviours. Homophobia, ableism etc…these things can always be explained, but never justified. There’s honestly a reason why the insanity plea works so rarely. I would just ask that if anyone is still shouting at them, to please stop. Use that keyboard time to write a song, or send some people some Anon love…or something. Kindness is the key in the end <3.