Let me ask you guys about Izuku x Tsuyu. It’s okay if you agree or disgree, I highly respect your opinion. The question is........

Will Izuku and Tsuyu be a thing, since I fully support/endorse this ship for past 3 months, what do you guys think, will be or will be not? 

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This is how much I really really really wanted to see Izuku x Tsuyu kiss.

Sometime, I just felt the need to do something like this, YO! (>3

This is a tribute for @asktsuanddeku (hiya buddy). Thank you for creating tsuyu x deku ask blog account. :3c

Comfort of Time, Hiroyuki Izutsu

My style is unreal realism, freedom and elegance.

Hiroyuki Izutsu is a freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan known for his tranquil, yet often vibrant paintings. Comfort of Time is a magazine owned by Tokyu Hotels published exclusively for its “Comfort Members.” The illustration above was meant for an essay called “Reservations,” written by Japanese novelist Shiho Tanimura.