anonymous asked:

Could I get a HC of the exwires+yukio when they see their smol s/o sucks her thumb in her sleep? Thank you 😘😘

Ok so I racked by brain forever trying to think of something to write for this request, but I couldn’t come up with anything! This was all written by It’s Mrs. Steal Yo Girl @aonoscenarios. Thank you for your assistance you beautiful creature.


  • would be very confused as to why you did this but wouldn’t talk about it
  • you will only know something is off by how weird she acts around you


  • might even find it cute or adorable
  • will ask if it has happened before


  • insert rude comments from the puppet
  • but in the end, it won’t be mentioned again


  • will laugh as soon as he sees it and take a photo for blackmail purposes
  • will totally tease you about it


  • will also take a photo but more because he thinks it’s cute
  • if ‘being mature’ is an on-going argument in your relationship, he will bring this up; though, only as long as it stays good natured


  • might look at this and wonder if he’s worked for too long and is now seeing things
  • will be too embarrassed/uncomfortable to bring it up again


  • another one who thinks it’s cute
  • though expect to hear her cue about it, even in front of her friends


  • will actually be concerned and run through his brain for medical reasons
  • will talk with you about it and it’ll feel more like talking to your doctor than significant other