izumi panda

Imagine Zuko having to pardon himself from a meeting to cry because his wife told him she was pregnant

Imagine Zuko being ridiculously happy with Izumi’s existence from the second she was born

Imagine Zuko kissing his baby daughter’s forehead for the first time

Imagine Zuko insisting on playing with Izumi even though there are nannies everywhere that could totally do that for him

Imagine Zuko trying to work but failing because Izumi keeps swiping his pens and giggling as he tries to chase her around the palace

Imagine Zuko being the dorkiest and proudest father to ever exist

What if Mai died in childbirth? And once Izumi found out the real reason her mother wasn’t around, she blamed herself and believed that she had caused her father nothing but pain, so she runs away in hopes of letting her father finally be happy. But really, Izumi was what made Zuko more happy than anything, and losing her completely destroys him.