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Mai as a mom headcanons for Anon

•It took her a while to give Izumi the right amount of attention, she gave her too much at first because of how she grew up- Zuko was no help with that because of obvious reasons

•She taught Izumi how to throw knives and Ty Lee showed her how to do acrobatics

•Yes, she and Zuko did really name her after the fountain incident check google translate

•Mai was the chill parent™ and not in a bad way she’s just canonly 10x calmer than her angsty husband

•Mai took Izumi to the Jasmine Dragon to try tea for the first time, and started crying laughing when she very adimently didn’t like Iroh’s tapioca tea (remember that panel from the comics of Zuko trying it? It was like that) Mai’s one of the few people who likes it

What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: Did Sokka and Suki ever have children or grandchildren? If so, why are we never introduced to their descendants in LOK? Sokka is only mentioned a couple of times and we never really hear anything about Suki at all. We’re introduced to Toph, Zuko, and Aang/Katara’s lineage in LOK, but what about Sokka and Suki!? Wouldn’t Tenzin and his family have a relationship with their other family members??


Because MakoZumi.

Makoto Tachibana and Izumi Nase

Humanity’s Strongest Family AU! + Free!= WOW!!

by Elvendashears

Inspired by some post of them I saw waaay back before i went on hiatus !! XD

and i stil can’t get the idea off my head! specially when i saw this T-shirt at the mall with the “10 rules for Dating my Daughter” along with the lil chat i had with fuku-shuu! XD


Hope you guys like it!!