Hearth Of the Swarm Thoughts...

I dont have it quite yet, But I couldnt help myself from spoiling me the entire campaing, and MAN, do I love the crew from Kerrigans Leviathan. 

Abathur represents the time the swarm was ruled by the overmind, wanting nothing but evolution and perfection. Yet, he doesnt know what perfection means, he evolves for no purpouse, so he follows which ever leader gives him the answer, which ever leader focus the swarm, and himself.

Ze'gara has such a mother-and-child relationship whit Kerrigan, whit her being the child. She intially rebels, but ends ups recognizing Kerrigan wisdom and follows. All Kerrigan wants from her is to see her grow, to see her became capable by herself. And for this, Ze'gara is deep inside extremly grateful and loyal, even when she disagrees whit Kerrigan

Stukov, men, where do I start whit stukov? If you know his backstory (Brood War, and the side-stories) you know he is a men that lose it all. Several times. And yet he finds the strength to get up once more, to try to find a new purpose, to fight again, even along side someone who once was one of his biggest enemies. And dude, he is such and awesome fighter.

as for Dehaka. Well, he talks for itself. Is the purity of essence that the Xel'Naga wanted for the Zerg. Doesnt care about anything but real evolution. Unlike the perfection, the power that Abathur seeks, Dehaka search something deeper, more pure, more real “Flow, Learn, dont stay still” The whole group has something about adapting to change and evolve going on (something very appropiate for the Zerg campaing), and Dehaka is the less subtle about it XD.

I actually dont have too much to say about Izsha thought. She was quite… mechanic about everything, usually questioning Kerrigans new motives, kinda wanting the old Swarm back… and her background… doesnt help I guess. Maybe we will see something else from her later. 

So, I loved the campaing. I cant wait to play it myself and do everything in my way, maybe I will even do a lets play or something :)