M-am izolat complet ,și mă voi izola în continuare. Nu mai vreau ajutorul nimănui,vreau doar să stau într-un colț de cameră și să ascut muzică până va trece tot sau mă voi hotărî să mă sinucid.

Madlen Izola Dress

Elegant dress with golden details. Come in 9 colours (silk/fabric texture). Joints are perfectly assigned. All LODs are replaced with new ones. 

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolour it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.
If you’re experiencing thumbnail problem, update your game (latest patch should solve the problem).

Hope you’ll like it!



anonymous asked:

De fiecare data cand cineva imi ofera putina afectiune si-mi spune lucruri frumoase incep sa ma izolez si sa ma îndepărtez de persoana respectivă. Pur si simplu simt ca ma minte, desi poate nu este asa.. Nu stiu cum sa rezolv asta :(

Frica de a te mai atasa se depaseste prin gasirea propriului curaj de a mai incerca inca o data. Nu toti doresc sa te raneasca. Totusi, gandeste-te ca daca te izolezi, doar tu ai de pierdut pentru ca o sa ajungi intr-un punct in care te vei simti doar singura si asta poate evolua in mai rau. Fii mai pozitiva si nu te izola doar de frica sa nu mai fii ranita. Suntem neferiti de aceste momente dar trebuie sa le interpretam ca si lectii de viata, nu limitari care sa ne aduca in pragul autodistrugerii propriei persoane.



September 20th 1958: Martin Luther King assassination attempt

On this day in 1958, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. narrowly escaped death after being stabbed in the chest. Izola Curry, a mentally ill African-American woman, was convinced that King and the NAACP were conspiring with communists to keep her under surveillance and deprive her of work. Curry approached King at a Harlem department store as he signed copies of his book, and stabbed him with a seven-inch letter opener, asking why he was tormenting her. The blade was perilously close to puncturing King’s aorta, and if he had merely sneezed, he would have died. A team of black and white doctors at Harlem hospital conducted the delicate surgery to remove the blade. During his five week recuperation, King received well-wishes from thousands of people, including the President and Vice-President. In his first statement since the attack, King said he bore Curry no ill will, and hoped she would receive the help she needed. Curry was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, and a judge ruled her insane, deciding she was incapable of aiding her defense. Izola Curry was then committed to the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane in upstate New York, and spent the remainder of her life in care; she died in 2015 aged 98. In 1968, a decade after the attempt on his life, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis by James Earl Ray. King recalled how close he came to death in 1958 in his famous ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’ speech (listen from 35.29), which he made the day before his murder.

“If I had sneezed, I wouldn’t have been around here in 1960, when students all over the South started sitting-in at lunch counters…

If I had sneezed, I wouldn’t have been around here in 1961, when we decided to take a ride for freedom and ended segregation in inter-state travel…

If I had sneezed I wouldn’t have been here in 1963, when the black people of Birmingham, Alabama, aroused the conscience of this nation, and brought into being the Civil Rights Bill…

If I had sneezed, I wouldn’t have had a chance later that year, in August, to try to tell America about a dream that I had had.

If I had sneezed, I wouldn’t have been down in Selma, Alabama, to see the great Movement there…

I’m so happy that I didn’t sneeze”

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Hi archy, love your blog! I was wondering if you could give some of your favorite examples of modularity? And would it be a good concept for a inner city mixed use scheme?

Modularity is defined as the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined. The meaning of the word, however, can vary somewhat by context. Most examples will focus on one typology, not a mixed used structure, because the module to be repeated will have to conform to the requirements of one use. the module used for an apartment will probably not work for retail or offices and viceversa. But who says you will not find a better solution!

Here are some examples:

Nakagin Capsule Tower Kisho Kurokawa

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Beehive Apartment Complex in Izola

This stunning seaside structure bursts free from the all-too-frequently stale stock of public housing projects with its dynamic array of brightly shaded cells. Taking its cues from the modular honeycomb clusters of a beehive, the complex was constructed as a low-income residence for young families and couples in the industrial district of Izola on the Slovenian coast. The striking development boasts beautiful views and makes smart use of solar shading and natural ventilation to regulate its interiors all year-round.

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Source: inhabitat.com