Just about done with my Saiga build. Really happy with how the stock turned out, considering I had never stripped and refinished a stock before. Also for those wondering the hand guard is by Krebs Custom, and the other little additions including the bullet guide (internal, not visible, to be able to accept AK magazines), an ambidextrous, easier to reach magazine catch, and the extended charging handle.

All that’s really left is to get a mount for some optics on it, but I still want to get a feel for what the iron sights are like first before I do that.

Deadly ghost gun high capacity magazine assault clipz.

I never understand why people make such a big deal about high capacity magazines. The 50 rounder in the Saiga .223 doesn’t feed worth a damn, same with the drum. Half of them are just for the novelty/fun - the only remotely practical one pictured is the 40 round Magpul Pmag.


Saiga 7.62x39 Upgraded. Imported a couple months ago and sadly no longer imported. Doesn’t mean they are banned forever everyone(likely for awhile though)!

“Concern Kalashnikov’s” first converted iteration of there Saiga 7.62x39 and I must say its impressive!

Red Army Ammo imported by Century International Arms. Original SOE gear 2-point sling. Photos by Larry Atil