Since Rifle Dynamics had the Bulgarian AK74 front sight bases on sale for only $35.00 on Memorial Day I decided to order one to finally install on my Saiga 5.45.

I also swapped out the smooth top cover for a surplus Bulgarian ribbed one. The stock is one of the cheap polymer fixed triangle ones - if I ever find a metal fixed triangle one I’ll replace it with that. And please excuse the poor wrap job on the tourniquet/bandage.

Ironically I still haven’t installed the bullet guide - rather than do the drill/tap method like I did on my Saiga .223 I’m going to see if my buddy can help me either rivet or weld it in.

Deadly ghost gun high capacity magazine assault clipz.

I never understand why people make such a big deal about high capacity magazines. The 50 rounder in the Saiga .223 doesn’t feed worth a damn, same with the drum. Half of them are just for the novelty/fun - the only remotely practical one pictured is the 40 round Magpul Pmag.


Bravo 18 Saiga 7-12 AOW

7 inch, Chrome lined, Saiga Pistol, 1-5 rd mag
Integral, 6 sided, free float, 1913 rail
Convert to M4 pistol grip
finger mag release and extended paddle
Move forward and install new trigger and guard
Left hand charge conversion with top cover (see options)
Bolt hold open
Extended finger safety lever
Cerakote H-Series coated (1 color)
Cerakote DFAC (dry film anti-carbon) bolt and carrier
OSS VSR Visual Signature Reducer 


Saiga 7.62x39 Upgraded. Imported a couple months ago and sadly no longer imported. Doesn’t mean they are banned forever everyone(likely for awhile though)!

“Concern Kalashnikov’s” first converted iteration of there Saiga 7.62x39 and I must say its impressive!

Red Army Ammo imported by Century International Arms. Original SOE gear 2-point sling. Photos by Larry Atil

My Franken-Kalash: Izmash Saiga .233!

Ever since I picked it up used for $250 at a gunshow about 2 years ago, it’s been the rifle I’ve used to learn about modifying and changing the platform. She’s not pretty from all the experimenting, but she works and she’s an awesome rifle.

I originally removed the Tapco M4 style stock it had on it, and moved the trigger group forward. I added a Vltor stock adapter, Carolina Shooters Supply trigger guard, and then an Ultimak rail/gas tube.

After that I decided to go more wasteland with it and added a vented gas tube and wood handguard, cut off the original gas block and front sight, and added a Venom one piece front sight/gas block. Also added a polymer fixed triangle stock with a Russian bandage and TQ in it.

In it’s latest configuration I removed the Venom gas block/front sight and put on an extra traditional gas block, and an AK74 front sight so I could mount the Zenitco brake my buddy left at my place. Don’t worry, he’ll get it back when he’s out of military and living up here again.

I also added a Zenitco extended charging handle, and a Rifle Dynamics stock adapter. I picked up a Magpul grip and QD end plate from work, and luckily had an extra STR stock in my parts box.

In a month or two once I have some more money to spend on stuff I’ll most likely get the AK Operators Union Keymod handguard and upper rail so I can mount an optic and light on it. I also might get a Canis AR mag adapter since all the surplus Galil mags I have don’t feed for shit, only the Promag mag I have works 100% reliably.

Also gotta give a shoutout to AK Operators Union, I ordered the RD adapter w/ buffer tube and Zenit handle and they shipped it absurdly quickly!