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My my, Shizu-chan, I didn't know you were a pyromaniac! Seems you only get scarier and scarier as the years pass. What's next? You're going to start breaking into people's homes? Oh wait....

And I wouldn’t put it past you breaking into someones house and standing there in the dark, giggling or some shit.


// So me, ask-izayan​ and askactualizaya​/askaobakuronuma​ have been talking about doing something we like to call musedays. As you might suspect, this might be our take on the ever so popular (but horribly misnamed) mundays.

The idea is to weekly on a tuesday do something silly with our muses, like a themed challenge. For example; drawing your muse in a chicken costume and posting it to your blog. We have already collected a bunch of ideas to use as weekly themes/challenges, however, if you have any ideas feel free to send it to any of us and we will add it too the list! (in fact, I encourage it theres never too many ideas)

The challenges will be picked randomly every week. Also if you are interested in joining in, go ahead message any of us and we will send you the next weeks’ theme. Don’t worry about having to commit, theres no pressure on joining every week. If you don’t have the time or simply don’t feel like it, go ahead skip out! This is basically just for laughs, and to bring the community together with some funny stuff. Think like ask-akabayashi-kai did with the events, just on a smaller, more regular scale.

If you have any questions, just send us a message and we’ll be glad to help you.