If Izaya had a crush on Shun (1)
  • Shun: Izaya-kun!
  • Izaya: ...
  • Shun: Izaya-kun?
  • Izaya: (What the fuck so pretty how is he not a girl I’m no longer the prettiest guy)
  • Shun: Izayaaa-kuun!
  • Izaya: (How is this even legal, I should convince authorities to make a law that bans pretty boys. There should be a limit to how pretty a man can be – oh he’s talking to me)
  • Shun: Are you alright, Izaya-kun?
  • Izaya: Shun-chan, I know you’re an idol but I’m not your fangirl, you know? There’s no need to shine so brightly around me. If you could turn your blinding smile down a notch, I would appreciate it greatly.
  • Shun: Ah, sorry sorry~like this? ☆
  • Izaya: (It just got brighter…)
  • -------
  • Shizuo:
  • Hajime:
  • Shizuo:
  • Hajime: …It’s rude to stare.
  • Shizuo: …Ah, sorry.
  • Hajime: …What do you want?
  • Shizuo: You seem pretty strong.
  • Hajime: …What of it?
  • Shizuo: Well it’s the first time I’ve seen someone who can break down a wall like me
  • Hajime: I didn’t mean to break down the wall. I was angry.
  • Shizuo: Really? I get that feeling. Do you always break things when you’re angry too?
  • Hajime: Not really. I don’t get angry often. But I can get violent when I get annoyed.
  • Shizuo: Me too.
  • Hajime: …I really don’t get angry often…it’s all because of that ‘Izaya-kun’…
  • Shizuo: …That shitty flea?
  • Hajime: You know him?
  • Shizuo: Know him…that shitty flea? That bastard…he hasn’t been sending gangs after me for a week, he must be up to something…I’M GONNA KILL HIM! *breaks down opposite wall*
  • Hajime: …Do you practice ancient martial arts?
  • Shizuo: Huh?
  • -------
  • Shun: Anyway Izaya-kun, I’ve asked my members for recommendations of hotpot places so we can go have hotpot again next time!
  • Izaya: Is that a date – I mean, that would be great.
  • Shun: But now! Did I tell you?! There’s a limited, once in a life time SUPER limited merchandise promotion for TsukiPARA! Do you know what that means, Izaya-kun?!
  • Izaya: That it’s not a date?
  • Shun: Eh? Ehehehe~Izaya-kun~if you like me so much I can go on a date with you whenever~but my heart belongs to Hajime! HA~JI~ME!♪ Today, my heart felt torn between the real Hajime and chibi Hajime! Hajime wanted to go out with me – ME, SHIMOTSUKI SHUN! BUT! Today is the only, ONLY day of the special limited merchandise promotion for CHIBI WOLF HAJIMEEEEEEE! And because I have been such a faithful customer of the game made for fans because I’m Hajime’s biggest fan, I HAVE A SPECIAL TICKET! THAT MEANS I DON’T NEED TO STAND IN LINE AND I HAVE ALREADY BEEN ABLE TO RESERVE THE CHIBI WOLF HAJIME PHONE STRAP AND – IT’S MINE! CHIBI WOLF HAJIME WILL BE MINE IN REAL LIFE KYAAA HE’S SO CUTEEEEE SO LET’S GOOOOOOOO, IZAYAAAA-KUUUN!
  • Izaya: (I couldn’t even get a word in)

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I request the typing of Shizuo from durarara. Sorry for the mess in my earlier request.

Durarara!! - Shizuo Heiwajima [ISTP]

The Mechanic: Hiding behind feelings, physical, extremely focused on one’s surroundings with the outside world, always brooding, contemplative and rational, that is what an ISTP and Shizuo Heiwajima is. 

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Ti (Introverted Thinking): Introverted thinking is when one process things inward as they try to make sense of themselves and the world. 

When we put Shizuo’s anger issues and monstrous strength to the side, this man is actually pretty calm, collected and introverted thinking exudes him to always think as logically as he can. Very few times does his soft and endearing side comes out. 
His distaste for violence despite his problems is hint enough that he despises the fact that such emotions are no good for one’s thought process. Notice how he does not usually have a set goal in mind on what he really wants to accomplish in his life. He continuously wears a bartender suit from his previous job and proceeds to change jobs deciding on what suits him or is good for his life.
The lifestyle is more lax than let’s say what a Te user would want for themselves.
This introverted thinking leads to his final fight with Izaya where he does not even care about beating him; character development for how he realizes there is no point, Izaya is a lost cause and that Shizuo himself deserves to move on.

“Look, all it means is that when I lose it, it’s cause things make no sense. If there was any logic to it, then I wouldn’t get pissed even if I got shot or stabbed.”

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Se (Extraverted Sensing): This is where the extremes of his anger comes in. Since childhood, Shizuo remains impulsive and acts in the moment. 

His younger brother ate his food, Shizuo’s first instinct was to use his child arms (which is obvious extremely dangerous and life threatening) to pick up a refrigerator to hit him resulting in the inhumane strength he has today. 
Every time Izaya shows up, Shizuo is not afraid to made a ridicule out of himself screaming senselessly in public “IZAYAAA!!!” and pick up random yet heavy objects to hurl at the troll. 
These acts are spontaneous and in the moment. They’re not well thought out and if it weren’t for Shizuo’s dominate Ti and inferior Fe, it could have been a lot worse.
He enjoys life’s simple guilty pleasures such as smoking.

“People who call others stupid are usually more stupid. But I’m stupid, so I’ll say it anyways…YOU’RE STUPID!”

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Ni (Introverted Intuition): Let’s be honest, being creative and having an optimistic or open mind is not Shizuo’s strongest suit which was why I went with introverted intuition.

They are visionary no doubt and like to think about the future as well as patterns, but it does not have a lot of branches. Ni let’s Shizuo’s mind get set in stone with whatever he has decided on.
He despises his strength and life issues. He is completely pessimistic and heartbroken after scaring away his childhood crush (the woman who gave him milk.)
And how does he deal with all that?
To conclude that he will always be hated and never find love for the rest of his life.
Obviously that is absolutely wrong in and out of universe. 

“HNGGGGG. You just went for my head, didn’t you? You know you could kill someone by hitting a vital spot in their head, right? If you know this, then you were trying to kill me, right?”

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Fe (Extraverted Feeling): Underneath that temper, everyone can tell that Shizuo is a nice if not very lonely guy. 

His feelings are not internal and mostly for himself, but for the outside world and those around him.
The best way to befriend Shizuo? Be a decent and treat him like he is a human being. He refuses to ever harm women and children. Never; going so far as to not attack Vorona and let himself get stabbed with multiple knives in the back to rescue a little girl who originally planned to kill him. 
He feels such endless compassion for anyone who has ever helped or formed a bond with him to selfless idiocy such as Tanaka, Celty, Vorona and so on. 
Vorona, another assassin who originally planned to kill him, he takes under his wings instead. 

“I hate violence… I’m not lying.”

~Miss ENFP

I was thinking about Izaya and it hit me how powerless he actually is. He may use knowledge to his benefit, manipulating people to move as he wants, but there’s always an element of unpredictability in doing so. When it comes down to it, he’s alone. He would be powerless against a mob. Words can’t carry him away from that.

That’s also what draws him to Mikado, in my opinion. Mikado doesn’t orchestrate fancy schemes, but he’s not unfamiliar with the possible weight of what he says, especially in the scheme of the Dollars. He has power. He has countless people who can be moved as he wants as long as he presents his desires in the proper way. Mikado wouldn’t be helpless against a mob in Ikebukuro. He is the mob.

Izaya can see that, so he’s so interested in where Mikado will head next, what he will become. If Mikado falls into the underworld in just the right way, he will feel no remorse or hesitation in his pursuit of unconventionality. If they combine the planning and understanding that Izaya possesses with Mikado’s influence, they’ll create something formidable. If. The glaringly obvious potential is quite seductive, really.

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Can I ask for more IZMK hcs, please? Where would they go on a day-date in the summer and what would they do there? :)

Wow, I’m so fucking sorry that I put this off for what, three weeks? I have a bunch of excuses I could spew, but I’ll leave it at that apology and get straight to the headcanons instead:

  • Izaya watches his relationship with Mikado very carefully, as he feels that he has more control over it that way. He thinks that this awareness can help him actively distance himself at least a little, just to err on the side of caution. He’s caught completely off guard, then, when he decides to sleep with someone to get useful information – he spends the whole time imagining he’s with Mikado instead. He can’t get him out of his fucking head and it’s so fucking frustrating, but also intriguing and irritating and it keeps happening after that night. Everything about Mikado continues to be unexpected.
  • Izaya likes to go through Mikado’s schoolwork, take graded tests, and put them on the fridge to embarrass Mikado (which is further achieved with sing-song comments like, “I’m so proud that you improved your score by four whole points this time, Mikado-kun. You’re a bright young man with a promising future, you know.”).
  • Another way Izaya manages to fluster Mikado is getting him to wear Izaya’s clothing. The boyfriend shirt, the boyfriend coat, any option is incredibly satisfying for Izaya, partly because Mikado’s marked as his this way, which gives him a temporary edge over Mikado in their quiet contest for psychological dominance. It’s also really damn attractive, so he’ll lightly coo and put on a pleased face as he pulls Mikado into his lap or comes up to him from behind. Mikado understands the underlying manipulative nature of it, but he doesn’t mind, caught up in slight embarrassment and discomfort. 
  • They have quite a few dates that involve sitting in cafes. Izaya people-watches while Mikado reads or does work, occasionally looking up to observe Izaya’s expression. They show affection not by holding hands, but by how their legs tangle together as they sit.

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If it's not too much trouble, could you point out, or detail the goodness of IzaMika? I've always been interested in their interactions, as well as the way they could really work as a pairing, so seeing someone else's views would be really cool. Completely coolio if you don't though, I'm content just knowing there are people out there who also ship them. Thank You!

It’s not too much trouble. Oh gosh, not at all. I’m so sorry for the late response (well, with midterms and my laptop breaking, I was a bit distracted). Okay, this is going under the cut due to length. Oh, and make sure to hover over the images if you want some extra stuff to read.

Here I, IzaMika Ambassador, go.

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Hmm... Durarara!! and DMMD (both four syllables, wow)



1. The first character I first fell in love with

Izaya, hands down. I’m always immediately drawn to the most terrible person in a show. Ask my friends.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now

MIKADO. He was alright at first, pretty interesting and unexpected, but still not the strongest personality in the show. But when I realized his potential for growth and his interesting dynamic with Izaya I basically was slain. I mean, my tag for him now is “MY LIEGE.”

3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t

Man, I really don’t know. I like the whole cast pretty well and I saw the show after the online fandom had died on, so I’m not even sure who is universally loved (other than the obvious duo).

4. The character I love that everyone else hates

Actually, I wouldn’t call it hate, but I definitely think people write Mikado off a lot of the time. Again, I’m not sure who’s super hated.

5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer

I still really like him, but I don’t LOVE Kida as much as I used to. The feelings didn’t linger like for other characters.

6. The character I would totally smooch

Izaya, goddamn.

7. The character I’d want to be like

THAT’S A REALLY TOUGH QUESTION FOR THIS SHOW JFC. Everyone’s kind of fucked up, but I think Celty is sort of a role model if you set aside the problematic dynamic of her relationship with Shinra.

8. The character I’d slap

Yagiri Seiji wow he was so frustrating.

9. A pairing that I love

IzaMika is my OTP and I will go through every circle of hell for it. What an amazing pairing that’s not at all romantic and completely unhealthy in the most satisfying way to watch.

10. A pairing that I despise

Hmmm, I hate Mikado and Anri for no reason I can readily articulate.


1. The first character I first fell in love with

I liked Aoba a lot from the start. But as for obsession, it had to be the creepy one again. So, Ryuuhou. Also liked Virus from Aoba’s first meeting with him.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now

Koujaku. He was decent in the beginning, but the more I think about his life leading up to that point and his need for Aoba, the more I feel for him.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t

CLEAR. I don’t at all like that type, wow I don’t found it cute at all. His design is cute but when it comes to caring about a character, I am absolutely devoid of anything for him. Though strangely enough I am a little fond of him and Mink (another one I’m not huge on) together.

4. The character I love that everyone else hates

A lot of people aren’t fans of Ryuuhou (he has a decent group of fans, though), but yeah, heyyyyy, he’s my favorite character.

5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer

Noiz. I kind of stopped caring about him for no reason, maybe because I didn’t fall in love with his dynamic with Aoba after the route was done with. It’s fun seeing him paired with Koujaku.

6. The character I would totally smooch

There are a bunch but the one who popped into my head first was Mizuki. Awww, under-appreciated cutie. Aoba seems like a fun lay for obvious reasons.

7. The character I’d want to be like

Because this game is full of role models. AHHH, maybe I’d want to be like Nain or one of the character’s who isn’t fucking off the wall.

8. The character I’d slap

Toue is a good candidate.

9. A pairing that I love

Shit, I really like Ryuuhou and Mizuki. I’m really interested by Ryuuhou and Aoba, god I wanted that bad ending so hard.

10. A pairing that I despise

Hmmmm, I don’t like to spend my time thinking about pairings I don’t like. Despise is too strong a word but I wasn’t too into Ren and Aoba for whatever reason. I can’t even figure out why.