Title:  15 Signs of a Crush - Shizaya Style

Part II, Part I here 

Pairing: Shizaya

Warnings: OOCness, crossdressing, Izaya rebelling against the signs.

“Right, so that’s the last. Good job you two. You can have the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you very much, Tom-san.”

“…Thank you very much.”

“It’s no problem. Why don’t you take Vorona out to eat cakes, Shizuo? It’s been some time since you two have hung out together right?”



The tall blond gave his kouhai a questioning look.

“I observe distraction in Shizuo-senpai’s expression – I inquire, is there a matter?”

“Huh? No, not really…”

“Negative. Shizuo-senpai seems very occupied in his thoughts.” The pretty blonde woman pointed out. “Perhaps my departure is warranted.”

“Ah? No that’s not it…” the blond scratched his head. And then he extended his hand to pat her hair with a smile.

“I’m just thinking, that’s all.”

“I wish to know the content of Shizuo-senpai’s thoughts.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” he ruffled her hair again and walked forward, and she followed him.



He smiled, and she paused, before saying –

“Should there be threat to this outing, I will exterminate, I declare.”

“…What’s with that?” He smiled at her wryly, but shrugged his shoulders.

“Thanks…but you don’t need to kill anyone alright? I can’t let my kouhai protect me, can I?”

He said in a light tone, but the look in his eyes made her blink. But she nodded, and glanced behind her one last time before she followed in his footsteps.

She noticed me.

As expected of a professional assassin.

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