Title:  15 Signs of a Crush - Shizaya Style

Part IV 

Part I

Part II

Part III

Pairing: Shizaya

Warnings: OOCness, crossdressing, Izaya rebelling against the signs the usual. Like, Izaya doesn’t have friends. They’re all Shizuo’s friends. Except maybe Shinra.

A/N: We’re nearing the end. Hopefully.

11. The next time you see your crush, you don’t stay quiet. Instead, you blurt out something without thinking like, “YOUR HAIR LOOKS HEALTHY.” (I literally said that to a guy I was mad crushing on and he replied, “Uh, thank you?”)

“You had brown hair in the past right? Why did you dye it?”

Shizuo looked at him and Izaya thought maybe he should have left out the first question.

“How did you know my hair was brown?”

“Just a lucky guess?” Izaya smiled, and twirled his hair in a shy manner as some girls were prone to do.

“It’s either your hair is black or brown, unless you aren’t Japanese.”

Shizuo looked, then seemed to accept it. He reached up towards a lock of blond hair.

“Tom-san told me to dye it.”

“Your senpai?”

“Yeah. He was also my senpai in middle school, and he suggested I dyed it to keep those bastards away.”

“I see. Yeah, a threatening image sometimes does wonders.”

Shizuo gave the black haired girl a look again as if he was thinking. Then he said, “I guess. But all that’s ruined now.”

“Since that flea came into my life, my high school life was filled with gang fights and killing that bastard…”

Shizuo took a deep breath to control his anger. He ran his fingers through his wild blond hair and continued forward as the black haired girl followed him.

“Anyway, where are we going, Shizuo-san?”

“Stop with that –san, you’re older than me aren’t you?” Shizuo said and Izaya blinked. “Well I’m going to the park, the view of the sunset is pretty good there.”

“I see.”

“You don’t have to follow me if you don’t want to, since you seem more acquainted with the city.”

“Why do you say that?”

“…I don’t know,” Shizuo said as he walked forward without looking back, his expression hidden.

“Somehow, you just seem like a people person. Like, you want to connect with people.”

Izaya stopped walking for a while, and Shizuo turned back.


“Sorry, I was just thinking.”

Izaya said. He made his way forward in those women shoes, smiling as he touched Shizuo’s shoulder lightly.

“You’re right, Shizuo-san. I like people. That’s why I’m here with you. You’re a person too, you know?”

The smile Shizuo gave him made his heart beat in a rhythm different from normal.

Izaya blinked as a hand was placed on his hair. He watched as Shizuo stroked his hair almost absently, speaking fondly.

“…You really are a good person.”

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