Izaya has a confession to make
  • Izaya: so girls I have a confession to make-
  • Mairu: it's no secret that your gay
  • Izaya: as I was saying-
  • Kururi: dress?(your a crossdresser?)
  • Izaya: that picture is fake
  • Mairu: your a stripper?
  • Izaya: no
  • Mairu: your the only one who thinks your 21
  • Kururi: birthday (your 23)
  • Izaya: that's not it and I'm forever 21 thank you very much
  • Mairu: your actually a women?
  • Izaya: what the!? Where did that come from?
  • Mairu: Kururi! you hold him down and I'll strip him!
  • Izaya: I'm biologically male...

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share some of ur cute fluffy headcanons for shizaya


Nothing gets me going like Izaya being a little tsun with an aggressive Shizuo to be honest. But when I say tsun I don’t mean like overly tsun because to be honest I loveeee a sexy, confident Izaya trying to play Shizuo into the palm of his hand. But then when HE DOES get Shizuo going, and in love, and wanting to kiss and touch him Izaya is like whoa wait what you like ???? me???? and shizuo’s just like you are  fucking bastard but yes so stop squirming and let me kiss you and then izaya gets all flustered and embarrassed because HE NEVER THOUGHT THAT’D ACTUALLY WORK SHIZU-CHAN WHY ARE YOU NOT PERFORMING WITHIN MY EXPECTATIONS and all shizuo wants to do is fucking kiss him will you stop being difficult STAY STILL FLEA. 

I also reeeally love Izaya crossdressing for Shizuo. Really Really Love. Since in Japan being openly homosexual isn’t really accepted I like the idea of them going out on a date and Izaya surprising Shizuo by dressing like Kanra so that they don’t get any unwanted attention. And they  wind up going to see one of kasuka’s movies or getting sweets and izaya keeps insulting Shizuo’s tastes in anything but Shizuo is too flustered by the fact that Izaya is wearing a short skirt to care. 

Also fluffy high school shizaya??? IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS??? i used to make Ruka rp it with me all the time. I loved awkward 7 minutes of heaven scenarios or Izaya getting jealous over some girl giving Shizuo attention who doesn’t even notice what’s going on he’s too distracted by Izaya’s lips moving cause he really really wants to kiss them and make izaya stop talking. 

AND IZAYA HELPING SHIZUO DYE HIS HAIR?? idk that seems so intimate to me. Like maybe one day Izaya sees shizuo’s roots and offers to help him dye it. Shizuo agrees since tbh he’s never been really good at it - just decent. So they dye his hair and then shizuo spends some time with his head on izaya’s lap while he blowdries it for him while chiding shizuo for trying to sleep while his hair is still wet. 

I also really adore the idea of Izaya getting easily cold cause he’s so scrawny. So if they are walking together during the winter time since he naturally wants to hold Izaya’s hand always he keeps their hands shoved in his jacket pocket and Izaya gets all embarrassed by it and has to hide his face in his jacket/scarf so Shizuo won’t see how red he gets. 

ALSO SHIZUO NOT LIKING WHEN IZAYA GETS BUSY WITH WORK AND IGNORES HIM. Shizuo being a pouty baby on Izaya’s couch while he waits for him to finish before making his presence more known as he sits on Izaya’s desk and starts trying to push izaya’s stuff away despite Izaya’s compaints because damnit pay attention to me!!

i’m rambling cause I don’t know which one to focus on first ahahaha.

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I've just watched the new Dufufufu!! OVA and it gave me an idea: how about Izaya in a dress who tries to seduce Shizuo? Time, place, circumstances and series of events that will follow are up to you xD

Because Shizuo looks too good in a suit.

Word limit: This is too fun for word limits

Word count: 1177 words


The guests of the party watched in awe as the blond man in a suit made the cocktail with elegant flair, his movements smooth with practice.

“Here, Kasuka.”

Shizuo smiled as he handed the glass over to the star, who took a delicate sip.

“…It’s very good, brother.”

“Haha, really? …Thanks.”

Shizuo gave a sheepish smile.

“ME too! I want to try your cocktail too, MISTER Heiwajima!”

“This is my boss.” Kasuka blandly introduced the spirited man. “Could you make another one, brother?”


Shizuo said, and was soon handing the drink over to Max with a smile.

“I’m Heiwajima Shizuo. Thank you for taking care of my younger brother.”

“NO PROBLEM! Ooooh this is GOOD indeed! Tasty! DELICIOUS!”

“…Thank you very much.”

“Ah, you’re a polite one! And you’re also good looking, very handsome!”

“Brother was the one originally scouted.” Kasuka said as he held the glass to Ruri’s lips.

“It tastes delicious, Shizuo-san - !”

“Thanks…and Kasuka don’t say that, if it weren’t for you that guy would be dead…sorry, I’m always troubling you.”

“It’s no trouble, brother.”

“No trouble, no problem!” Max thumped Shizuo on the shoulder. “The bond between you two is VERY STRONG!”

Shizuo tilted his head, as female voices entered the scene.

“Oh Yuuhei-san, there you are!”

“Is this your brother? He’s very handsome!”

“I saw you making cocktails just now, are you a bartender?”

“Can you make one for me too?”

Shizuo looked a bit lost at suddenly being surrounded by the pretty actresses in glamorous dresses.

“I guess…” He muttered, and turned away to make the cocktail which he held out for one of the ladies.

“Wow, it’s really good!”

“Hey hey make one for me too!”

“Hey what’s with the commotion?”

“Is that guy making cocktails for everyone?”

“Isn’t he Hanejima Yuuhei’s brother?”

“Really?! No wonder! He looks like a movie star himself!”


Kasuka frowned at the unwanted attention on Shizuo.

“Excuse me –“

“Ah, Shizuo-kun!”


Taking no notice of everyone’s eyes on her, the woman in a black dress smiled brightly at Shizuo.

“I have been looking for you everywhere, sweetheart! Wherever have you been? Disappearing when I went to get your favorite cake, how mean!”

Shizuo blinked at the slender figure clinging to his arm.


“I’m sorry, but I’ll be taking him away now. Let’s go, Shizuo.”

The beautiful woman said, and pulled the handsome man who looked befuddled away by the arm, her high heels clicking away.

Kasuka’s monotonous voice broke the silence.

“…I did not know brother brought a date.”

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Title:  15 Signs of a Crush - Shizaya Style

Part II, Part I here 

Pairing: Shizaya

Warnings: OOCness, crossdressing, Izaya rebelling against the signs.

“Right, so that’s the last. Good job you two. You can have the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you very much, Tom-san.”

“…Thank you very much.”

“It’s no problem. Why don’t you take Vorona out to eat cakes, Shizuo? It’s been some time since you two have hung out together right?”



The tall blond gave his kouhai a questioning look.

“I observe distraction in Shizuo-senpai’s expression – I inquire, is there a matter?”

“Huh? No, not really…”

“Negative. Shizuo-senpai seems very occupied in his thoughts.” The pretty blonde woman pointed out. “Perhaps my departure is warranted.”

“Ah? No that’s not it…” the blond scratched his head. And then he extended his hand to pat her hair with a smile.

“I’m just thinking, that’s all.”

“I wish to know the content of Shizuo-senpai’s thoughts.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” he ruffled her hair again and walked forward, and she followed him.



He smiled, and she paused, before saying –

“Should there be threat to this outing, I will exterminate, I declare.”

“…What’s with that?” He smiled at her wryly, but shrugged his shoulders.

“Thanks…but you don’t need to kill anyone alright? I can’t let my kouhai protect me, can I?”

He said in a light tone, but the look in his eyes made her blink. But she nodded, and glanced behind her one last time before she followed in his footsteps.

She noticed me.

As expected of a professional assassin.

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