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“I want to love you but I better not touch
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison

You’re poison running through my veins
You’re poison, I don’t want to break these chains“

(I’m back with the monochrome-ish song themed drawings, someone stop me-)

“My old man is a tough man
But he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
And he shows me, he knows me every inch of my tar black soul
He doesn’t mind I have a flat broke down life
In fact he says he thinks it’s what he might like about me, admires me
The way I roll like a rolling stone”

Shizaya Headcanons pt3
  • Izaya’s first aid kit is calling Namie or going to Shinra’s.
  • Shizuo’s first aid kit is super glue.
  • No, seriously tho, Izaya has a really nice first aid kit, fully loaded in case he actually comes home hit by a trash can… again. And Namie makes sure she has everything, even a quick stitch needle to patch him up.
  • Shizuo’s first aid kit is still, literally, super glue. >.>;;; Or going to Shinra’s.
  • Izaya rarely gets sick but when he has a cold, he still forces himself to work. Often Namie finds him fallen asleep in front of his laptop. 
  • When Izaya actually gets sick, it takes him longer to heal because he keeps staying up late anyway and doesn’t eat balanced meals.
  • When Shizuo rarely gets sick, (really rarely), he stays home and sleeps. Doesn’t bother taking medicine, shit doesn’t work well anyway. Usually the next morning, he’s fine. Unless it’s a broken bone, then he has to go see Shinra. (Who probably needs a hammer to put it back in since normal tools don’t work on Shizuo.)
  • Izaya is a baby and wants to be spoon fed by Namie. Otherwise doesn’t touch his soup much.
  • Shizuo is flustered when Tom actually visits him and tries to make him warm soup when he is sick. 
  • On a rare, raaare day that Shizuo finds out that Izaya is sick and that’s why he wasn’t in Ikebukuro, he begrudgingly comes to check him out after work, when Namie’s already left. He sees the flea asleep on the couch with a laptop on. Shizuo would be very upset that he’ll catch a cold on TOP of his cold without his blanket. He’d tuck in Izaya and tries his best to make a miso soup which he fails miserably at. Izaya wakes up to the nice smell of soup and is surprised when he walks downstairs to see Shizuo trying to cook. After making fun of him for his terrible cooking, Izaya will eat it anyway….only if Shizuo spoon feeds him. (And blow on the spoon to cool it down too)
  • On a rare occasion that Izaya finds out that Shizuo’s sick and is not with Tom, he whistles songs as he climbs Shizuo’s window and enters in to his bedroom. He teases the sick Shizuo endlessly, making the blond angry since all he wants to do is sleep. It gets worse when Izaya puts on the apron (and nothing but the apron) and teases him more with “do you want your dinner first or me?” joke. Eventually Izaya just calls for a delievery of sushi which is mostly meant for him. Shizuo gets the miso soup that came on the side. Thoroughly tired from all the teasing and argument, Izaya and Shizuo falls asleep together, cuddling. 
  • The next day, Shizuo is fine but Izaya is deathly sick.

els-main  asked:

tips on how to draw izaya and or Shizuo :00 ??

OK so those are my HEADCANONS for drawing them, which means it’s just the way I like to draw them, not the way they SHOULD be drawn.

1 Izaya: I like to draw his face rather small, without a very defined jaw, it’s more like a “v” shape.

1 Shizuo: Let me just say first, that shizuo is EXTREMELY hard to draw for me :v 
his face is longer than Izaya’s, with a defined jaw, and visible cheekbones, definitely more “masculine” than Izaya’s.  

2 Izaya: I like to draw him with pretty, big eyes, with a lot of eyelashes, but that’s just my style of drawing anyway. One thing that I think is good to include drawing his eyes is for them to be pointing up at the ends, makes them looks more witty and suspicious, like if he is planning something( which he probably is lol) also thin eyebrows, because I can. Also! good to include small eyebags/shadows bc that guys surely doesn’t have enough sleep. 

2 Shizuo: I tend to draw his eyes smaller, pointing down, kind of puppy eyes if he was smiling. I think by now he has permanent wrinkles from his eyebrows narrowing so much lol. + his eyebrows are thick and darker than his haircolour. 

3. Izaya’s hair is pretty straight (unlike him lololololo plz someone laugh at my jokes plzplz ok), Likes to stick up in every way possible. tho it sticks to his face at the front. Shorter on the back, longer bangs and sides. 

3 Shizuo: I have a headcanon that his hair is a bit wavy at the ends (drawing his hair is the worst for me honestly :v). it ges in every way possible.  

4. Izaya’s nose is short and small (cutecutecute). His lips are pointing up, creating an illusion of a very small smirk even if he is not smiling. I like to draw him with bigger plump lips, but that’s just my style of drawing.

4 Shizuo: I tend to draw his nose to be long and straight (more like a caucsian nose than a mongolid one). I like to draw his lips a bit wider and not as plump as Izaya’s. the ends pointing down.  

5 Izaya is said to be a skinny and lean one. I like to add him a smaller waist and narrow shoulders.

5 Shizuo: his shoulders are broad but he is not that buff actually. Just his chest and shoulders are wider than Izaya’s. 


Izaya: small butt but a nice cute round one ;) perfect to chase after 

Shizuo: he has no butt sorry :c. Tho Izaya is still thirsty for that no-butt butt <3.

Ok that’s all!  hope it helps in any way? idk lol but that’s the best I could do. Honestly that’s just the way I draw them and a lot of things are drawn this way bc of my style of drawing + I like to draw a very feminine Izaya, which he probably isn’t in canon. Also, Sorry for my english, some parts might make no sense but idk how to explain this stuff in english :c.