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shizaya headcanon: izaya and shizuo aren't the happy lovey couple. they are the couple who'd be at each others throats in their home and outside their home but like,, every other blue moon they'd be like,, "i hate you but your glasses are ok i guess" or "your knife skills are mediocrely competent" and then they're back at it again

Although I love affectionate relationships, I can definitely see Shizuo and Izaya not being so affectionate. That’s not how they are. Izaya and Shizuo both distance themselves from people in fear, so being in a relationship works be an alien concept that would be perfect for them to share together. They would find ways to show affection that suits them.

Shizuo holds back his punches, puts the kettle on when he wakes up so Izaya can have a drink when he wakes up, leave his clothes on the ground less and less because Izaya hates mess.

Izaya makes sure only to cut skin when Shizuo’s wearing a shirt he likes, recommends books to Shizuo so they can share another hobby, sits beside him on the couch despite his distaste for affection.


Happy 40th Birthday, Hiroshi Kamiya! -28/01/2015

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How I imagined Izaya’s shop from Moth’s amazing request witch fic!  - GO READ. 

Pretense in the Air

“Just try to be nice,” Izaya says as they climb the last few steps to the front of the school. “Don’t fly into a jealous rage or anything just because he’s my old meister.”

Shizuo snorts. “I’m not going to be jealous,” he informs Izaya. “You were only working together for a few months, weren’t you? And you’re my partner now.” He pauses a step shy of the main courtyard, hesitating to turn a frown on the dark of Izaya’s hair. “Should I be jealous?”

“Why would you be jealous?” Izaya says airily, continuing up over the last step before he turns to look back down at Shizuo on the stairs below him. The sunlight spilling over the front of the school catches a shine off his hair and picks out flecks of crimson from behind the dark of his eyes; his smile looks like a knife-edge, as if the shape of his weapon form is pressing close against even his human outline to leave its mark on the world. “I didn’t even know you, Shizu-chan, how could I have known I was meant to pine for you?”

“You didn’t need to pine for me,” Shizuo tells him, but he’s stepping up over the last stair anyway, partially to regain the advantage of height and mostly so he can reach out to fit his hand against Izaya’s neck, to press his palm against the reassuring smooth of the black collar that Izaya wears all the time, regardless of setting or formality. Izaya’s lashes dip at the touch of Shizuo’s fingers, his mouth tugs up at the corner into the beginning of a smile, and Shizuo leans in closer to bump his forehead against the dark of Izaya’s hair so he can breathe in against the sun-bright flicker of the other’s mouth. They’re standing at the top of the stairs, in full view of everyone in the school and the latecomers still making their way up the endless steps behind them, and still for a moment Shizuo thinks about leaning in, about tipping his head and shifting in nearer and fitting his lips as close against Izaya’s as the collar under his touch fits against Izaya’s skin.

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I’m writing my essay on story elements on Durarara and I’m like what even is the plot??? It’s so character driven I sometimes forget it’s revolving around Celty’s head. 

And then I come to describing the climax and like ‘the villain was backstabbed’ like am I supposed to write that? How is he the villain if he’s backstabbed? What kind of villain lands himself in the hospital after one of his mastermind plans without being touched by the ‘hero’ at all? But I only have so many words so I can only call Izaya the ‘villain’. And if the villain is backstabbed is there a greater villain and he’s not actually the villain? It’s too complicated to explain in terms of conventional storytelling lol. And is that the climax or conclusion or both?

But other parts fit well, like perspective contributing to the plot. It’s ‘cause the characters have different, limited perspectives that they come into conflict. And Izaya has all the perspectives so he’s able to manipulate/push them into conflict. 

And now I’m supposed to explain how different portrayal of narrative story elements contribute to different perspectives of the story lol lol lol that can be like an entire essay and meta analysis and not like half of it the differences between the anime and novels are too huge and can change the audience’s perspective completely.