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Izaya Orihara’s White Day Message Translated~

A nice anon decided to share this with me and tumblr which a yahoo member had given her permission to share…

So here is the douchebag troll’s message to you ladies out there:

“Going out or not going out, Valentine’s day or White day - everyone has interest in some really worthless stuff. But even including their foolish interests I really do like people. You can even say I love them. That’s why to you too, who enjoys this stupid event, I’m gonna give my thanks. Thank you.”


    A hum vibrates from her throat, pleasant and energetic with a very subtle hint of something like that of mischief. Still giddy from the previous incident, she had been practically skipping into the building’s elevator. She glanced at the numbers, pressing one of the buttons before going back to smiling about what had happened just a few hours ago.

    Her apartment had been filled with lackeys, probably from those pests at Nebula who had been on her trail since her recent change of locations. Although she was curious as to how they found her so quickly, they attempted a quick kidnapping. Boy, were they in for a surprise as Kaz not only took them out with ease, she also got some information from one of them before knocking them out cold.

    Were they even trying at this point? Not like anyone could stop her, and this time she wouldn’t run. She was tired of running.

    Kaz heard the small ding of the elevator, strolling out as the doors opened. She starts swinging a key-ring with her index finger, keys jingling loudly as she walks down the hallway of the apartment. Of course, she had to do some digging (and thankfully she could find her way around and figure out their information source), which is why she stood outside the door of an informant’s apartment some odd guy with an odd name; Izaya Orihara.

    Pocketing the keys back, she knocked on the door. Very loud, very quick knocks that she was sure that someone could hear. Patience was not one of her virtues, but she would remain there for the time being. As she rocked back and forth on her heels, she wondered what this informant looked like, along with how deep Nebula was trying to dig into her.

    She hoped she’d have her answers soon enough.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: superstition

“Izaya, don’t walk on the cracks.”

“Don’t tell me Shizu-chan seriously believes that stuff…?”

And then when Izaya reflected on it, he decided that, yes, Shizuo did seriously believe in that stuff.

Heiwajima Shizuo avoided going outside unless necessary on Friday the 13th, avoided walking under ladders and avoided black cats more than he did any other animal (most probably not only because he was scared of hurting it.) He would dive to save a mirror and Izaya made sure no one sent Shizuo a chain email. In fact, he made sure Shizuo didn’t have an email. He didn’t need one. He’d relay any important messages.

Izaya, on the other hand, didn’t care. It was all fake, just made-up stuff that people spread to take advantage of those who were gullible. He was one of those people who would like those types of things, but he didn’t like when someone else was taking advantage of his very gullible boyfriend.

Very, very gullible.

They were walking home from a dinner; Shizuo had chosen a small but cozy ramen shop in an area of the city that a few construction projects certainly wouldn’t hurt. There were so many cracks that it would be a miracle if Izaya didn’t step on any. But Shizuo took great care in making sure he didn’t step on any, ended up walking on the grass if he really had to.

“Izaya,” he muttered and sounded slightly stressed out, “stop stepping on them. What if something happens to your mom?”

“Shizu-chan, she’ll be fine.”

Shizuo rather liked Izaya’s mom, and the feelings were reciprocated. When he had gone to the Orihara household for dinner, Kyouko very quickly started doting on him, seemed pleased that, unlike her very picky son, Shizuo finished everything set in front of him and then offered to help with dishes afterwards. 

Giving a frustrated (and pretty childish) grunt, Izaya smirked as he watched Shizuo hurry forward a few steps, walking in front of him to see where the upcoming cracks were. Izaya kept walking, keeping his eyes up, though he did step over the ones that divided the blocks of the sidewalk, just to amuse Shizuo.

But as his foot was about to come down on another, Izaya was surprised that it wasn’t only one foot that was in midair:

It was both.

And his entire body.

Blinking, he realized that Shizuo had just picked him up, taken a step forward for the both of them, and set him down again. And surely he would do that again.

Izaya cleared his throat.

“…Shizu-chan. That was embarrassing.”

“Tch. Only for you. Now stop steppin’ on them!”

Izaya stopped stepping on them.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: college!au: cancelled classes

“Did you get an email?”



“Maybe everyone’s just late.”

Everyone in a three hundred student lecture? Including the professor?”

Izaya’s response was silence but somehow Shizuo still sat down again, giving a sigh. Turning away, he gave a sigh as he checked his phone, refreshing the class discussion board. The professor had posted there that the class was cancelled, but Izaya hadn’t known until this morning when he checked. It seemed that he hadn’t received the email notification and neither had Shizuo.

It was really only because Shizuo also didn’t get the message that Izaya wasn’t too annoyed. It was difficult to make sure to grab a seat next to the guy who caught his interest by making it a daily thing to feed the campus squirrels, so this appeared to be his best opportunity.

Izaya was amused Shizuo hadn’t just left.

“So,” he said, looking over. “Shizu-chan, right?”

“…Well, it’s Shizuo, but I guess that works.”

“I’m Izaya.”

“Shinra’s friend, right? Nice to meet you.”

Izaya gave a smile. “Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Do you want to fuck on the professor’s podium or on the stage? Don’t deny it,” he added when Shizuo opened his mouth immediately, cheeks flushing. “Shizu-chan woke up at eight and got no lecture. He should go home with something, right?”


Huffing, arms crossed and he turned away, blush intensifying. “…Th… the stage. …More… room…”

It was silent for a few moments and Shizuo was beginning to feel unnerved, wondered why Izaya wasn’t saying anything. But right as he was about to snap that he was kidding, he heard Izaya’s dry laugh.

“I really was kidding, Shizu-chan, but if you want… well, you should at least take me out to dinner. How about tonight at seven?”

Later that day:

“Izaya, you’re so mean to the people you ask out.”

“At least I ask them out eventually, Shinra.”


      It took Masaomi  almost a week to complete the first task Izaya gave him. He tried to be done as soon as possible, but still wanted to do a good job. He would probably never admit it, but he wanted Izaya to acknowledge his work, to think about him as someone more that just a mere pawn. Though something like that was probably impossible.

      But how tired he was! During the last days, he hadn’t really got much sleep since he was working and when he tried to take a break, his mind was working on the task anyway. That’s why he currently stared at the wall, trying to decide if he should let Izaya know or take a nap first. But work comes first, right?

      Pulling his phone out of his pocket sleepily, he slowly wrote a text:

 —[Message]  I am done with the task. Should I come to your place with the information?

      After sending the message to Izaya, Masaomi sighed and rolled to his side, feeling even more tired than before. It would be fine if he just closed his eyes for a moment, right? If Izaya answers, the sound of incoming text message would wake him up, right…?

      Convinced he would wake up when needed, he finally allowed himself to close his eyes and drift off to sleep.