izaya alter


3. Your most recent cosplay.

Re-make of Hachimenroppi (Izaya’s alter ego, from Durarara!!).
First I had made this costume in 2015 and I had been trying to dye my old white fur. It wasn’t the good idea so I wanted to make a better version of thet cosplay. I sewed a new jacket and a new blouse. Thanks to my friend Aoi I’ve got a lot of beautiful red fur. I wore this costume during Aishiteru con (February 2017).

Photo: Focus Felis


Here’s a bunch of drrr icons I made. In order, Delic, Hibiya, Izaya, Psyche, Shitsuo, Shizuo, Tsugaru, and Sakuraya. I made these in the rinmaru avatar maker. Feel free to use if you’d like but I’d appreciate if you credit me/reblog if you do use them.

“Emotions…The driving force behind human’s reaction…A state of mind that shapes human’s behavior is actually a form of art.”

“To discover and to immortalize that moment like a painting is a joy to oneself.”

“Saa…..I  wonder what kind of expression you will show to me..”

“ I desire to see more…and add it into my collection. ”




“………..Except for the godzilla who had ruined my sketchbook….Tch…”