2015-03 San Antonio De Padua, Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico. #toptravelspot #mexico #izamal #yucatan #mexico #sanantoniodepadua #locationindependent #yellow #travelphotography #streetphotography #lumix #instantraveling #instatraveling (at Izamal Yucatán Pueblo Mágico)

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Magical Town.

I don’t believe in magic. Except once in a blue moon. Maybe.

And then I visit Izamal in Yucatan. Izamal is one of Mexico’s 35 towns that has been *officially* declared “Pueblo Mágico”. The town is entirely painted yellow … colonial buildings, the market, the huge convent, everything! There are cobblestone streets, large iron lampposts, and the comforting sound of the clippity-clop of horses pulling the calesas.

Sitting under one of the arches of this magnificent courtyard, as twilight sets in, it gets harder to not believe in a little bit of magic.

Oh, well, this must have been a blue moon night. After all, how often do I find myself in a magical town?

Text and Photos by VJ Singh | Far/Back | Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico | Jan 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Have you been to any of the other ‘magical towns’ in Mexico? Send a picture?


Pictured here are a few lithographs from Désiré Charnay’s 1862 publication Cités et ruines Américaines. Mitla, Palenqué, Izamal, Chichen-Itza, Uxmal. Charnay was an archaeologist, explorer and artist, and these pictures of his are part of the first photographic studies of the great abandoned palaces and temples of Mexico.

Their titles are as follows: (1) Palais Des Nonnes, à Chichen-Itza: façade principale, (2) Ancien Temple, à Chichen-Itza, applé le chateau, (3) Palais Du Cirque, à Chichen-Itza, intérieur d'une salle, (4) Palais Des Nonnes, à Chichen-Itza, alle droite & (5) Figure gigantesque, à Izamal; au bas de la seconde pyramide.

Courtesy of The New York Public Library Digital Collections. IDs: 111415, 111417111418111411 & 111410.