izakil santos

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Izakil is a bit difficult to get along with. As a lowblood you should watch your step, lest you’ll either be culled straight away or lead on to think he actually wants to establish some sort of relation - only to cull you later. Living by these rules, he should be pretty badass, right?

Wrong. He has a tendency to “keep” lowbloods as “pets” - and he does this often without realizing it. 

Izakil actually leads a pretty boring life. When he is confronted with new situations (such as quadrants) he gets completely thrown off beat and starts to stutter as well as become submissive (he completely denies this, of course). He also exhibits this behaviour when talking to highbloods. 

Being so caught up in his “lowblood research”, he also has no sense of value or what money means. He simply doesn’t care that much.

Eyes: Even though he is fairly young, his eyes have filled in pretty deeply (much to his delight).

Teeth: Much like that of a sharks. He takes care of them properly.

Weapon: A golden shovel with a sapphire handle.

Fetch modus: Social Network. Whenever he gets a new friend request he is allowed to grab an item. This happens frequently, as he falsely portrays himself as xXLowbloodLUVRXx123 to attract new “victims”.

God tier: Duke of Pride. Much like his lusus expanding and stretching, Izakils title allows him to channel his ego to do this as well. Some nasty punches are sure to be delivered (unless, of course, his ego falters).

Land: Land of Hands and Trembles (LOHAT) is frequently hit by heavy earthquakes caused by the denizen stomping his feet deep down below. There are also gigantic pieces of statues sticking out of the blue sand - strangely only the hands?

Denizen: Pothos. It is a greek god, and represents longing or yearning.

Ancestor: Reverend Grimrest / The Reverend. Worked for royalty, knocking on hive doors to collect taxes and culling those who could not afford them. This did not hold up as he, after some time, began to revisit some of the lowbloods and eventually established relationships. Grimrest chose a life in exile, gathered all the lowbloods he could and then fled with them as far as possible to keep them safe. These followers eventually came to call him The Reverend.

Lusus: A meerkat with strange proportions. It has the ability to stretch pretty far.

Hive: Positioned inside a cliff above the ocean. There is no door, and the only way in or out is through the balcony. Izakil usually hops on his lusus when he needs to get somewhere. Also unaware neighbor to $hiloh Deniro.

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