What are your top two favorite public artworks/encounters?

The last few weeks has seen a spike in public art news in Edmonton. First, Izak Roux, Chair of the Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board was reported as calling for art in transit stations to be more “functional”, which caused some to argue that function is the responsibility of the architects, engineers, and designers, not the artists. Then, Melcor and Make Something Edmonton unveiled their new “canvas” on the side of 100th Street Place, which had many in the visual arts community, the media, and the public-at-large shaking their heads in a corporate branding vs. creative cities debate.

But not all of the news has been (bad/)met with consternation. In fact, some has been downright exciting! The announcement, for instance, of Berlin-based artist, Thorsten Goldberg’s forthcoming 53º20 — 40’N project to be installed on the Kathleen Andrews Transit Garage (take THAT, Roux!). Or, the installation of Destiny Swiderski’s Amiskwacîw Wâskâyhkan Ihâtwin connecting Michael Phair Park with Beaver Hills House Park.

Bad or good, public art never makes for a meek conversation. As such, this week I decided to ask a few local community ‘art celebrities’ to weigh-in on their Top Two Favorite Public Artworks/Encounters.

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