Face Folding 2: The Nightmare Continues

YouTuber iZacLess uploaded a sequel to his wildly popular ‘Face Folding’ video, and it is just as terrifying as the first!

iZacless takes famous scenes from iconic movies and, with a little special effects, warps the faces of the actors. Prepare for the creepy dreams that will follow!


My Face Folding 3 gif post on Tumblr has reached 3,000 notes! The video they are from is only at 2,500 views though. Oh well.

At least the project is getting some love, and getting lots of notes make Tumblr browsing fun.

It is as if between every post, there is a few people poking through and whispering “I like that thing that you did”


Face Folding 3.

Enjoy the creepy.