Finally, FINALLY, I got around to redoing her face up. At this point I’m not too sure on her name anymore, but Jolene seems too plain. She is after all a fallen star. I still want to do a galaxy section on her chest like on her face, but all in due time!

I’m really happy with how she looks now. She just didn’t have the same effect as a redhead that looked angry all the time. She’s my pastel doll I guess? 

I’m really considering having her eyes remade by ersa-flora, because I think they would look gorgeous in that metallic paper she uses.

Anyway, she is a Mystic Kids Miri in normal pink skin. Face up by me over at izasfaceups!

Elandril on Flickr.

Elandril hasn’t gotten much spotlight lately, mainly because I’m stuck on her. She was meant to shell an RP character, but that character fell out of use so I’m not sure what to do with her.

I’ve considered selling her, though I think I’ll repaint her first and see how I feel about her then, but I don’t really want anymore dolls that are just “pretty”, I have so many of those!

Either way, Elandril is an Angell Studio Dina in butter skin, eyes by Ersa Flora, wig by Monique and custom cut by me along with a face up by me. Dress is Dollzone.


Lily got repainted this morning and while I was waiting for the MSC to dry and decided to change her outfit. While digging through our MSD clothing drawer I found these jeans that no one wears. So for shits and giggles I tried them on her and lo and behold she wears them, fabulously. 

Now all she really needs is a pair of glasses again. I’ve had no luck with finding her a new thin pair of silver glasses with lenses in them. So far every pair I’ve tried hasn’t fit under her wig and ears, they were all too thick. I need like teeny tiny MSD plastic ones!

Anyway, Lily is a DZ Miss Kitty on a DC K-01 body with Soom MD Cheshire paws. Pants are K2 (I think) and modified shirt is from AC. Wig is 1mim I think, and the eyes are from ersa-flora.

Val Again on Flickr.

Val, my DZ Chen, just got a fresh face up. Originally I did have eyelashes on him, but I didn’t like them so off they came! I’m also trying out a sideways glance for him because his eyes are so narrow.

Val’s been one of my oldest characters that’s shelled into a doll. I’ve had him as my brain-child since I was 14, and as a doll now for 3.5 years. He’ll be turning 4 in October.

He’s also expecting a new body, I’ve always had issues with his current body (too clunky). I pre-ordered him the new B70-003 body from DZ in NSY, so hopefully it’ll match still since he’s from 2011. I’ll soon have to sell this body (for cheap) after giving it a good cleaning.

Captain Jazz on Flickr.

Jazz got the spa treatment today. She looks better than ever. Booger wouldn’t put her head back on though, so I struggled for several minutes with something that should have taken a few seconds.

Anyway, she’s looking fabulous now and much more like herself. Still need to get some small gold balls to glue on as piercings for her.

These are all of my currently used face up materials. I seem to be a whore for different colors of pastels and eyelashes.

I think I have 22 different types of eyelashes ranging in various colors and styles. The human falsies are my premium eyelashes, but I don’t charge extra for them. I actually love applying eyelashes usually.

Material brands include:


  • Schminke
  • Winsor & Newton
  • Unison
  • Daler Rowney

Model Color Acrylic Gloss


  • Supracolor Soft Pencils (phasing out)
  • Koi 


PearlEX Shimmer Powders


  • PVA 
  • Super Glue

And that about covers the brands. I have over 100 different colors of pastels (I recently got more so I don’t know how many I actually have right now). The sketchbook is for grinding the pastels on so I can dip my brush in them.

I also have about 11 different colors of PearlEX shimmer powders, all of the interference line, and then some of the regular colors. I want more!

I decided to update this little thing with my latest addition, and I updated some of the pictures of dolls I’ve owned for a while. I’ve also been in the hobby now 3 years officially. I received my first doll in May of 2011. Man, my family has exploded and evolved. 

I also realized I never really spent weeks or months looking at the dolls I got, I usually would think “I’d really like a new doll” and then I’d look around for what tickles my fancy and save for it, or do a layaway. A few of them were gifts as well, but most of them I bought with my own money. 

The list in order:

1. Obitsu Gretel 

2. Resinsoul Ai

3. Dollzone Chinese Dragon Girl

4. Dollzone Chen

5. Limhwa Do

6. Dragondoll Cheng

7. Dollzone Sheep

8. Felix Brownie Nene

9. Dollzone Shoyo

10. Dragondoll Caesar

11. Fairyland MNF Ryeon

12. Fairyland LTF Chiwoo Elf Girl

13. Angel of Dream AiAi

14. Dollzone Miss Kitty

15. Impldoll Aldrich

16. Mystic Kids Miri

17. Soom Beyla

18. Dollzone Stramonium

19. Soom FC Chrom

20. Eve Studios Pet Oriental Cat

21. Angell Studio Dina

No new face ups this week, sorry...

I’d been sick since last week and had to go to work that way too, so by the time my weekend rolled around I spent it recovering and getting better. Now that I’m almost fine again, my new work week has started, so I won’t be able to face up until Sunday. Sigh…