I am TOO excited to be helping out my high school's Operation Snowball next weekend.

I didn’t help out last year, which I honestly should have, so I haven’t been there since my senior year. I can go on a whole rant that will take up your entire dashboard, but I’m not going to.

Just know that next weekend, I won’t be posting anything and I’ll be having the time of my life.


Snowball..words can’t even describe how amazing this place is. It’s become my new home. A place where everyone is loved & accepted for who they are. Snowball is nothing like reality. But it’s very life changing, a eye opener, just an open free place. I felt so much love from everyone there no one could not understand. People think of snowball as a place you go to sit in a circle & cry that’s not it at all. But hey #iywtsywk. I think a reason we all hate leaving is that when we leave you have to go back to the real world knowing at school it’s not the same. #JKYNA #Snowball2012 💗

Goodnight I’m so tired I can’t even read! Just want to give a S/O to everyone who was at snowball! My life is really going to change because of snowball thanks for sharing this wonderful 4 days with me I love you snowball family 💗❄ #Snowball #IYWTSYWK

I could really go on & on about this weekend but I won’t. Basically like this program helped me a lot I guess you can say it changed me for the better. It made me realize like crazy things can happen to anyone & people think its never going to happen them. But you never know. & that’s why you can’t take anyone in your life for granted. I had the time of my life at snowball. I found a new home & family to call mine. It made me think A LOT! At times it was really emotional but that’s apart of snowball. I just really loved it you go to a place where you are just accepted automatically & you don’t really find places like that because a lot of people are very judgmental. But just know you’re not alone& things will get better ❤❄ #Snowball2012 #JKYNA #IYWTSYWK