Adrien: You’ve given your best up ntil now, haven’t you? Sorry I’m late…

A-Adrien…? Wh-what do you mea–

Chat noir: …My Lady~


Chat Noir: I completely understand that you didn’t want us knowing of the other’s identity but now isn’t the time to worry about that! (So, all this time it was Marinette… My Lady is the best afterall!)

Marinette: A-Adrien is….

Chat Noir: Hawk Moth is still roaming in Paris and I won’t accept that! Now, Let’s go fight them together Marine–TE!?

Marinette: YOU STUPID KITTY! “ Let’s go fight them together” don’t kid me! *And you’re way too happy!!*

Adrien: w-why….

so far, I am not planning to add more pages to this, please message me if you want me to draw a continuation~

that OR

Ill do another page if this goes past 700 notes


EDIT1: I rearranged the image and text a bit.

+ I just added p.2 to this cause why not


(I’m still missing one Idol to draw– in total there is suppose to be 6!)







  • Is there any utaite/youtaite who’d like to have one of these guys as your own persona? If you are, please send me a message with a reccord of your voice and which chara you want.

Only male-like voices please. If the idea seems to please some person, I might create an IdolPro(♀).

I’d be glad to let you borrow them(or give them, depends on the circonstances).

There is also the idea of doing a youtube(or niconico) chorus where each singer will be using one of theses chara-

  • Would you guys be interested in having an IdolPro Chorus in the community?