You know you grew up in Nigeria if you know the following games


  1. Biro 1, Pencil 2, Eraser, Orifako away! 
  2. Bread and Butter (baskelembe), Ma jo tutu (baskelembe)
  3. Bisi o, Bisi o, Bisi je rice 10kobo, Bisi mu coke 5kobo
  4. Bisi o, nye m'ego, 1 sina bottle, 2 orara, 3 orara de, 4 tomatoes
  5. Tinko, tinko, tinkoloko tinko
  6. On my way, On my way to sailor sight
  7. Who sabi swim water!? I sabi swim water, show me how to swim water
  8. Mama alata mo fe ra'ta (sey le) ehn ehn, (sey le) ehn ehn, (sey le) ehn
  9. Who is in the garden? A little fine girl. Can I come and see her? No no no
  10. A sailor went to sea sea sea, to find what he could see see see
  11. From the east to the west to the north and south
  12. J.J..J..J…Janeti, I go tell you say, you no fit do sisi, you no fit do shakara
  13. Monkey! Who pinch you mokey!
  14. Who stole the meat from the cooking pot!? #1 stole the meat from the cooking pot
  15. Kpam Kpam golo! (Kpam golo) Kpam Kpam golo! (Kpam golo)
  16. I CALL ON…………NIGERIA!!! 
  17. Suwe
  18. Ten ten, ten ten
  19. Catcher
  20. Police and Thief
  21. Concentration, concentration OR Name, name, name
  22. Can I pass? NO WAY! Can I pass? NO WAY!
  23. My mother fele fele, my sister fele fele, mo ju si wo na fele fele
  24. Boju boju O! Oloro nbo O ! Epara mo O! Se ki nsi O! 
  25. One saturday morning (oyegbe), as I was going (oyegbe), I saw some women
  26. Why are you crying, crying, crying? 
  27. If you were born in January, stand up and dance
  28. After round one, original panadol extra
  29. Change your style, another style, another style, be like that
  30. Oba ni ka da wo jo, Oba ni ka faaaaaa gun!
  31. Oba ni ka jo le meta, ti ti ke ti ti!
  32. There’s fire on the mountain, RUN, RUN, RUN!
  33. Choose your best friend wey you say you like, haba tumbo tumbo, yansh to yansh
  34. *Knock sound* Kpo kpo kpo…(who is that?) Mr. who (what do you want?)
  35. Open close, faster faster, faster faster
  36. Mr. Macaroni riding on the bicycle, if you want to marry me, Mr. Macaroni
  37. Bubble gum, bubble gum, how many bubble gum do you want? 
  38. Early in the morning, when I woke up, I saw Mary and John walking together
  39. Obi chiko l'obi Obi out! Ada chika l'ada Ada in!
  40. Everybody jakala maketi! Jakala! Dancing competiton, between me and you.
  41. Willie, Wiliie, Willey, Willey one (kpa kpa kpa) …Daddy in the parlor watching film, mommy in the kitchen cooking rice, children in the garden playing ball..change your style

AND THE LIST GOES ON…. Gone are those days.

*Yes, I actually took my time to think about all these games and believe me when I say, I played all of them lol.*