What is home to you?! Home is where we live, where we feel safe, where we have our fun, where we get to share those special moments. UN-Habitat together with #iamacitychanger would love you to share your story. A story of what you call home it could be where you hang with your friends, the place you learn, where family is. Its quite simple, take a photo or video of the place you you call home. Then post it to Instagram or Facebook using the hash tags #imacitychanger #iyd2013 #home // go to my blog www.kitots.com for more details

It’s International Youth Day. Here’s a little advice. The best time to work on your dreams is now. Don’t let your ideas rot in you waiting for funding that never comes from the ‘big shots’ or waiting for the 'right time’. If you don’t make mistakes now from trying when else do you want to make them? The time is now.
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Happy International Youth Day! :) #IYD2013#YouthDay

The youth of today not only benefit the community when committing for social responsibilities, but they also invest in themselves’ core values of perseverance, and dedication, towards a fruitful lifestyle. Be responsible, challenge, learn and share! (at Amman, Jordan)

Pitch for Project on IYD 2013

PROJECT: Rad165: Community Mural Project 

THEME: Only through militant struggle can the best in youth shall emerge

What is Rad165? 
Rad165, or stylized √165, is an onsite mural-making project. The name is a shortened word of radical plus the numeral 165. It is a wordplay on Route 165, the public transportation service running along the project’s location. The term radical also describes one’s going back to the roots or origin. It also denotes favor for drastic social change.

The challenge is how to depict the message, not only of the young generation struggling, but also of the act of the local youth taking the streets to muster support from the masses of people for fundamental changes. Thus, “√” as symbol is an iconic affirmation that can simultaneously remind the community to its own process of multiplying by itself resulting into change of its environs.

The 15 x 6 ft triptych mural will be done at the intersection of Bathurst ╳ Wilson on Aug. 10 and 17, 2013 in response to the United Nations International Youth Day (http://bit.ly/13do0iK). Material to be used will be banig or Filipino handwoven mat as canvas to represent the ethnic population in the neighbourhood. 

Project Head: Ysh Cabana and Meia Mae Pajadura
Organizers: Anakbayan-Toronto
Photo/video documentation: Alex Felipe

Blacks & Whites in Real Black & White ! ~ A Home is a Place where We Share with other life forms ; cattle, fowls , dogs etc Cause my Home is their Home and we all call it Our Home ! What’s a Home to you ? ~ #Kenya #Farms #herds #iyd2013 #home #imacitychanger … ( Join the Movement by WHO ! )