iya mi

“Yemoja, ‘Mother of the Children of Fishes,’ is the ultimate symbol, and the personification of motherhood.  She represents the place of origin and the maternal source of divine, human, animal and plant life.  The ocean is the most common symbol of this all encompassing maternity.” ~Baba John Mason

the true Big Mama, she has blessed me in ways i will never be able to put into words.  she teaches me the magic of motherhood and warriorhood (and so much more *smiles*).  and if you are ever in doubt that she is a warrior, go stand at the mouth of any beach and watch her in action…

we inhabit a planet comprised of mostly water and are creatures whose bodies follow suit.  for this, and so much more, i salute Yemoja.  the mother of all mothers.  the queen of all queens.  Maferefun Yemoja.