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Ashe Maree 💜

Another shoutout to @ixnay-on-the-oddk Ashe Maree, you’re the first cam girl I saw but I didn’t have the money at the time to tip and when I tried MFC did the awesome thing of refunded my money for some reason and I didn’t want to free load. ANYWAY. I wanted to thank you for all your insight, willingness to be so kind and also stand up for yourself. Caring about all your regulars and speaking about it social issues that you get across so well on twitter. I admire you so much and your work and coping with your struggles to get where you are now. Positive vibes and love your way! You have such a sweet and silly and intriguing personality, thank you for being yourself.

💜 You are so hard working and stand up for yourself and I feel proud to be soon joining your community. You’ve made it so far and you’re so strong. I really admire you and I hope this new year bring you much joy

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Being A Nude Cam Model

Ashe Maree




Ok so this person on kik used @ixnay-on-the-oddk’s pictures, pretending to be a lesbian called Natalie Jane and were hitting on me. They were clearly trying to get me to send them nudes. If a person with the username “nata.j” messages you, it is not the person in the pictures. Do not trust them.

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