IXDS: What will your future look like?

Great & entertaining christmas web-gimmick from IXDS, a german strategy/design agency:

It’s Holiday Season again! Time to start reflecting on the past year and look ahead to 2015. So why not look ahead a bit further than 2015? Hit the “What will your future look like” button and show us your future! Do you foresee other scenarios? Let us know!

My vision is pretty straight forward and most likely, but there are more adventurous and uncertain options for bolder pictures of the future. Unfortunately, there is no multioptionality. But hey, nice short future game!



I had a great time this morning at The PreWorkTalk organized by IxDS Berlin.
The visionary introduction on “transformative services” by Nancy Birkhölzer was then perfectly illustrated by 4 food projects… That’s what I call sense making! 
Thanks to IxDS for this enlightening morning.

Rambus to host “Eyes of the IoT” workshop at MWC 2015

Rambus to host “Eyes of the IoT” workshop at MWC 2015

On March 2, Rambus, along with partners MLove and IXDS, will be hosting 4YFN’s “Eyes of the IoT” workshop and reception from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) depends on data and smart sensors are essential to effectively capturing that data,” explained Kendra De Berti, a director at Rambus.

“In order for the devices and machines around us to adapt and even anticipate our…

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Find Out What Your Future Looks Like With This Design Firm's Simulator

Find Out What Your Future Looks Like With This Design Firm’s Simulator

According to IXDS, it looks a lot like vintage SimCity.

IXDS, a design firm that claims to help companies “design their future,” is now offering that service to everyone. Well, sort of. A special holiday app on the firm’s site lets you take a quiz to answer the question “What will your future look like?” While you take a Buzzfeed-style quiz that references hyped-up future-y concepts, including…

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Join us for Week 2 of the Orbital Biannual

We just wrapped up Week 1 of the Orbital Biannual with talks by Edlyn Yuen, KC Oh, Christina Xu, Janet Choi, Tina Ye, Nick Barr, Estella González Madison, Casey Gollan and myself.

The event provides an opportunity for members to reflect on the year so far, share lessons learned and talk about next steps.

Our second week of talks start tomorrow, Tuesday and feature another full roster of members: 

Details, tickets and more are here: http://orbitalnyc.com/2015/biannual

LukeW | Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort
LukeW Ideation + Design provides resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more on usability, interaction design and visual design.
By Luke Wroblewski

Detailed overview of why dropdown UI and UX navigation patterns should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

Interface Sketch
Free sketch templates for web, mobile and tablet platforms

If you’re designing a website or app, these simple templates are designed to help you sketch your ideas on paper.

The templates are in PDF and contain multiple pages and layouts. Simply download a template, print out the pages you need and start sketching.

Some templates contain a grid of dots to help with alignment when you sketch. These dots do not represent the pixel dimensions of the device screen or browser screen.


専修大学で4月からTAとしてお世話になっていた,インタラクションデザイン基礎演習(通称 IxD)が終了しました.関係者の皆さま,ありがとうございました.




研究発表のためのスライドデザイン (ブルーバックス) 最終発表では残念なことに分かりにくい(読みにくい)スライダが何枚か見受けられました.せっかく面白いアイディアを考えWebページを作ったのに,最後の最後で他の人に伝わらないのはすごくもったいないなと感じました.なのでこの本を紹介しました.(研究発表のためのスライドデザインなので)今回のような商品のプレゼンなどでは若干変える必要があるかと思いますが,かなり参考になるかと思います.

誰のためのデザイン? 増補・改訂版 ―認知科学者のデザイン原論 Webページやパンフレットを作成していく中で,かっこよくはなっていっているのだが使いにくくなっているのではと感じる場面が多くありました.なので「使いやすいデザインとは何か」を学んで頂きたいと思い紹介しました.この本にはハードウェア的な内容も多く含まれているので,来年度のプロジェクトの参考にもなると思います.

融けるデザイン ―ハード×ソフト×ネット時代の新たな設計論 これはSAさんから話を聞いて今後必要になるんじゃないかなと予想して(期待して)紹介します.来年度以降,プロジェクトの中間発表や最終発表で遊びに行った時に,ぜひ多摩サイダー以上に面白い体験させてください.陰ながら応援しています..(結局あのプロジェクトの名前は何なんだろ..そもそも全員がするのかな...)