P!atd board meeting
  • Someone:alright, we need something. Something interesting, to make panic!-
  • Brendon:let's make a cult.
  • Someone:okay, nice idea Brendon, bu-
  • Brendon:a cult. And let's do something with Roman numbers that say 9/22. You know, a day before that MCRX thing.
  • Someone:umm.. don't you think that would be a bit cofusi-
  • Fall out boy:LET'S DO IT
  • Me:Star Trek is such a powerful and influential piece of television.
  • Me:It takes tough and controversial issues head on.
  • Me:Many of the alien races are parallels and metaphors for social issues relevant in the 1960s.
  • Me:In fact, many lessons drawn from such episodes are still applicable today.
  • Me:It's a stunning, multilayered exploration of philosophy, morality, and humanity set against the backdrop of outer space.
  • Them:Abraham Lincoln is helping them fight Genghis Khan.
  • Me:Yes. Yes he is.