iwy lewis

Les Miserables Modern Au — Bahorel + Éponine.

“I can’t believe it! You really suck at this”, he laughed and sat down looking at her. 

“Shut up”, she yelled looking at him.

“When we found this gym, you told me you wanted to learn how to fight… Well, here we are and you’re not making progress so, my question is: Are you really trying hard enough?”, he raised an eyebrow.

Éponine rolled her eyes before answer him. He really knew how to freak her out.

“Yes, I’m trying hard enough.”

“No you’re not”, he was kind of angry and he stood up again. “Come on, one more time…”

“It’s nearly midnight!”, she yelled again, standing up.

“Well, who cares? Come on, Ép. A good fighter doesn’t care if they’re tired or not… A good fighter fights always so come on, punch me…”, he gave her a smirk. 

“Are you serious?”, Ép looked at him surprised.

“Do you really think you can hurt me? You’re not that strong, little princess so come on, go ahead…”, Bahorel smiled again.

“Ok…”, she closed her eyes before try to punch him.

“But don’t close your eyes!”, he laughed. “You need to see to punch right…”

“Ok, ok…”, Ép sighed.

“One more time, babe”, he joked. “I’m ready… Are you?”

“Yep”, and she punched him and he let her. “OH MY GOD, I PUNCHED YOU, ARE YOU OK?”

“You kidding? THAT WAS AWESOME, ÉP!”, he smiled proudly. “FINALLY, I thought you weren’t any good at this but, hell yeah girl, you know how to punch people…”

“I did it right, then?”, she looked at him happy.

“Of course you did, let’s give it one more try!”, he kissed her forehead and took his position again. “Go ahead, babe”.