I love all the roads we will walk together
I love all the sceneries we will see together
I love all the questions we will shyly ask each other
and all the answers to those questions
I love you in all those moments.
From your bride.
—  Ji Eun Tak’s Letter to Kim Shin (Goblin, 2017)
To the one who thought that oblivion would bring me peace of mind..
The moment our eyes met, I knew that you too, retained your memories
I pray that in our next life
The waiting will be short and the meeting shall be long..
That we won’t need an excuse to see each other.. 
Entitled with our dearest names..
So we could greet each other when we accidentally run into each other
With our love always being the solution..
I pray that we can meet like that
I’m just happy by seeing your face
Sometimes you’re Kim Woo Bin.. and sometimes you’re Wang Yeo
Please live a long and happy life..
—  Sunny’s Letter to Wang Yeo/Kim Woo Bin (Goblin, 2017)
Admin N’s Watch List -- Rants & Raves

We are always trying to find something to watch, even when we have a paper to write, sleep to catch up on, and eighteen other dramas in our queue, we love a good recommendation. I probably have over 100 dramas right now that I want to start but may never get a chance to start. I thought I would share with you what I’m currently watching and hopefully help you find something to watch, or if it that’s your thing, something to stay far away from. Comment. Share. Enjoy. Or don’t, but stay respectful and share your thoughts.

Across The Ocean to See You, China, Anhui TV

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This is lengthy (44 episodes), and I am trying to pace my way through it, but the premise is refreshingly adult for the dramas I typically watch. Su Mang and Zhang Chu are both spurned (rather coldly) by the significant people in their lives and are forced to forge a path for themselves outside of the path they originally set. Su Mang must deal with her planned (and yet still surprising) pregnancy and Zhang Chu must find a way to reconcile his unshakeable work ethic within the real working world, but they’ll cross paths and fall for each other through the heartache. Partly funny, and sweet with side characters that are just as interesting and complex as the leads themselves. This one’s a slow but consistent burn.

Ms. Perfect, Korea, KBS2

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I REALLY need to catch up with this show, because it has gotten crazy in plot in the following weeks — in the best way possible. While it has things I loathe (namely Yoon Sang Hyun) and things I love (Go So Young) at its core its a story about a woman trying to keep her family together after her pathetic husband’s infidelity. Go So Young’s protagonist, Shim Jae Bok, is one of my favorite heroines in awhile and if you are looking for great chemistry with a slow burn romance (possibly), it’s worth picking up in your drama schedule.

My Secret Romance, Korea, OCN

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This just started this week, and it’s off to an interesting beginning. Starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun as probably the most classic of kdrama couples — he a rich, spoiled, and easily irritated chaebol who is part ladies man and cat lover while she is a plucky, lonely, but hard-working culinary student who, get this, can’t cook. After a steamy rendezvous in a very sturdy porsche, our heroine leaves Sung Hoon alone only to run into to him years later as his personal nutritionist. 

This one’s under the same direction as 1% of Something so the general plot line is pretty predictable, and there aren’t any particular standouts in either the writing or acting (the start of this one wasn’t as strong as 1%). That being said, this drama promises fun, and if Sung Hoon keeps staring at me like that, I may just not be able to put this one down.

Mystery Queen, Korea, KBS2

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This one is still in its infancy, and I’m not entirely sure what this drama will become. Sherlock/Watson detective serious? Buddy cop hijinx? Unlikely romance? A little bit of all of these things? It stars Choi Kang Hee (Yoo Seol Ok) and Kwon Sang Yoo (Ha Wan Sung) as a resourceful housewife and a ragged but hardworking detective. They come from different worlds but when Seol Ok gets embroiled in a case (with her guy friend/section chief aiding her) she crosses paths with the prickly Wan Sung — who is less than thrilled to have her amateur (but superior) skills on the case. 

This is balancing serious crime drama with the lightness of the ahjumma detective, but right now any hint of romance between the two seems complicated since he has a girl hot on his tail for marriage, and she’s got a husband and mother-in-law to keep track of as well. Lots of fun, but only time will tell.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Korea, JTBC

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This just aired its final episode, and despite the praise people give it…I was pretty underwhelmed. At its core, its a drama that really relies on the chemistry of its two leads — Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, who truthfully, could have chemistry with a brick wall, which works on the surface, but look below that and its full of flaws and complications. Do Bong Soon has super human strength which comes with super human problems — when she catches the eye of a handsome and eccentric chaebol with a dark past (don’t they all) they fall in love, as they try to protect each other from a gang of loony street thugs, a serial attacker, an effeminate and shrill company manager and Bong Soon’s aggressive mother. All worthy foes, might I add. There is a certain slapstick quality to its writing, and without the romance, this is a drama that bows under the weight of it’s irony — it is a story chock fool of plot with nothing of value to say. Let the hating commence.

The Perfect Match, Taiwan, SET TV

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I love this drama. Ivy Shao and Chris Wu star as Fen Qing and Ting En two chefs from related and yet completely different worlds. When Ting En meets the street chef emulating the curry recipes from his Michelin starred restaurant, he’s determined to put her in her place — what follows is an internship where Ting En has a week to teach Fen Qing the ins and outs of working as a chef and making superior curry, but his resolve against her adorable charms is wavering. This is just a perfect romantic comedy right now, but at only one episode a week, it’s a little annoying to have the story stretched so far. It cliche, ridiculous, and predictable, but if you are a romantic comedy purist at heart, then this is worth giving a try. I ROUTINELY look forward to my Friday night watch of this and Tumblr needs more of this drama in their feed.

What are you watching right now, because as usual, if it’s good, I want to know about it. Comment and share!

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I will never understand why Shan Shan was so calm and cool when she walked in on this happening. Maybe it’s because she at this point didn’t think that she was good enough Feng Teng or the fact that this is just her personality. IDK all I know is that if I in her place I would have gone off. Especially after Li Shi begging her to hit her. I’d have been like okay and knocked her into next week.