In a creative dialogue - Sabrina Theissen & Robot Koch for IWISHUSUN

Berlin-based composer and music producer Robot Koch and the photographer Sabrina Theissen teamed up to get creative over the topic of sight – the cause our charity label IWISHUSUN fights for. 
Both highly talented supporters of IWISHUSUN entered an exciting dialogue whilst remaining in their own particular medium. 
While Robot Koch played his piece “Jupiter”, Sabrina Theissen found inspiration in these melodies and answered the music by capturing her associations.

Robot Koch (robotsdontsleep.com)
Sabrina Theissen (sabrinatheissen.com)

IWISHUSUN (iwishusun.net)

Andreas Lamoth
Frederic Leitzke

Robot Koch - Jupiter (projectmooncircle.com/releases/146)

IWISHUSUN is a charity label which saves a person’s eyesight with every item sold. Founded by the siblings Cathy Boom and Patrick Andrist in November 2012, IWISHUSUN makes it possible to look good and do good at the same time.

Learn more about the project which is supported by many exciting creatives such as Robot Koch, Sabrina Theissen and Editude Pictures on iwishusun.net.