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I also think that the Doctor knows that Rose will always be his weakness and in making her choose Tentoo (I mean, he did..

Yeah, I agree.  He did manipulate her, and it was a dick move. But honestly how do you choose between two versions of the same man? You can’t. Just like Rory couldn’t choose between the Amy’s in “The Girl Who Waited." Its literally an impossible choice, and the Doctor in all his assholeness - did it for Rose, cause he knows TenToo is him and he is TenToo. He knows this is their happy ending, even if she doesn’t see it that way right away, or if hurts him to give her up. It would hurt him more to lose her to inevitable death, at least he knows that somewhere she is alive and happy - with him. He held her happiness above his own, and that’s love. Giving everything, and expecting nothing in return. I also love that JE shows that if the Doctor could he would be happy to spend his life with her, but if he had to he’d give her up for her to be happy. 


I mean their theme is "Have a good life, do it for me.” That says it all I think :’)