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[Winter in Camelot was always the harshest of times and it certainly wasn’t the safest place to go out on walks but that hardly stopped the stubborn will of Morgana. Upon coming back, she was surprised to see an unexpected face waiting for her.] 

What on Earth are you doing waiting out here? You’ll catch a cold, or worse!

“My word there’s an awful lot of you.” Ach, no, crowds. No thanks. It was somewhat apparent that he was uncomfortable, by the fidgeting of his fingers, idly playing with the cuffs of his ink blue jacket and keeping his gaze at a safe and mostly distant level. If you really wanted to take that and run with it, you could almost say it looks as though he’s day dreaming. “I, uh– Um. Hm.” Been a while since he’s gotten a larger group of people. “Can I help you?”