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 I’m just beginning to learn about myself and my life. I’m just now working on my dream. It’s scary, but I’m more afraid of how my life may turn out if I don’t act on them now. I wish I can describe how my dream has given me a sense of purpose, but Les Brown does a great job of describing it for me.

Please help me celebrate a great man of God. Man I’m so proud of you words can’t begin to convey the love and gratitude I have towards you. I feel so blessed to be in your life in this season of change and growth. I pray that God opens doors where windows have been closed. And that he continues to pour out his blessings and love over your life as you open up your heart and your mind to his will. One thing that I leave with you psalms 23 though I walk through the valleys of the shadow of death #iWillFearNoEvil #forURWithMe continue to let God be the light in your life continued To let your light shine through the dark places love you