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Now is the ultimate time for something big to happen and you can’t blog about it. Like Haru making a giraffe swiss roll cake while Makoto gives him a BJ and then a titan bursts through the room with Norman Reedus on it’s back. Oh and kittens. :D

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SoA and Community.

  • Favourite character: Gemma
  • Funniest character: Chucky
  • Best-looking character: Gemma
  • 3 favourite ships: Clay/Gemma, Opie/Donna, Gemma/Everything
  • Least favourite character: Uhhh, this changes every season. I’m not a big fan of S5 Jax. It’s basically whichever character I feel had the most inconsistent writing with any given season.
  • Least favourite ship: I don’t like JT/Gemma and there are two other ships I would like marginally if fandom didn’t just make me roll my eyes.
  • Reason why I watch it: Katey, Ron, and Kim are perfect angel actors.
  • Why I started watching it: Kenzie made me.
  • Favourite character: Britta
  • Funniest character: Troy
  • Best-looking character: Annie
  • 3 favourite ships: Jeff/Britta, Abed/Annie, Jeff/Shirley
  • Least favourite character: Of the study group, probably Pierce or Annie but I love them all so maybe overall Chang.
  • Least favourite ship: Jeff/Annie, not because I don’t like them even, but because fans of the ship really rag on Britta.
  • Reason why I watch it: Funny as fuck and REFERENCES. REFERENCES EVERYWHERE.
  • Why I started watching it: My friend said it was good.

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Theo could have just finished his scenes before they wrapped up the show altogether. They don't shoot scenes in chronological order. So technically Theo probably was telling the truth.

this is true! it just struck me as weird because he said “episodes” instead of “scenes”. i’m just super paranoid haha

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<3 nou so cute. I’m tired and cuddless and partner less. No gaybies yet. I have a cat! Meow. So tired. You’re kind and pretty and cool. Yep. okay. I’ll call you when I find my partner! Wherever he may be… *lifts up shoe* Nope not under there…

/squishes face

this is super duper flattering holy shit. 


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Windows 8 is fucking confusing. I downloaded a desktop start button I was so confused.

i know right? D: it’s so confusing… but i’m slowly getting used to it? eh. i’m quick to adapt. but ahhh it’s so pretty. -rubs on my computer-

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Lucky ho. I’m gonna spam you with andy biersack things once I get back on my computer btw. Apperantly the album leaked

8I i hate you sin. i hate you so much. you make me melt with that stupid butthole’s voice. … you reminded me that i gotta download aim on here blarhgskhdgihasdlgsdigh

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Code Breaker: Newt’s adorable face means Charlie’s adorable face because Charlie is Newt, but I am Charlie therefore you want to see my adorable face or maybe plot twist… which Charlie am I???????? ;)


in that case can i have your autograph shit son

;u; but if you’re not charlie day i still think you’re a qt-pie

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Oh shit I mentioned a Free! BJ in a comment awhile back that you reblogged. Your dad’s going to kill me if he goes that far back.

SNERK. don’t even worry. 

he’s been living with me for eighteen years.



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Just think about a zombie Apocalypse where you have a legit reason to kill all the stupid people you can’t legally kill now.


have i ever told you how much of a beautiful soul you are omg

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It’s their loss, not yours!! I have no idea why they would want to unfollow you!!

-holds face- wow you’re such a sweetie omg. C: 

it’s not a big thing, but i always get really confused as to why big unfollowing stuff happens. 

… and my social anxiety says that i did something wrong but i know i didn’t so hehiighkdg 

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Maybe Haru had 3 accounts following you and someone offered him a swimming pool to leave you.


that made me actually giggle out loud.

he would.