Asgardians in the Park

*Central Park is quiet. Too quiet. The birds are singing, but that’s still pretty quiet, and there are a few people out for walks, and some college students playing ultimate frisbee* *in other words, the park is positively boring*

*Obviously, it needs some Asgardians to liven things up*

*Enter Thor, Sif, Loki, and the newest honorary Asgardian, Thori* *even dressed in casual clothing, they all look pretty intimidating* *quite possibly because both Thor and Sif are pretty obviously warriors and are both over six feet tall*

*Thor eyes the people playing ultimate frisbee* A shame I did not think to bring a discus. I have heard the collegiate students of this world enjoy throwing them about.

How to Explain to Your Wife That You are Alive (When You Weren't Previously)

*Sigyn emerges from her apartment and looks up and down the hallway. She is wearing acid-washed denim cutoff shorts, a rainbow tanktop, knee high black boots, and an oversized chunky cable knit grey cardigan. Because Midgardian fashion is CONFUSING*

*She examines the walls closely as she goes down the hall, pulling her hair into a high ponytail*

*mutters to self* Ancients protect you if I find you. And Ancients don’t even bother if I find you’ve left this floor.

*Having grown concerned at Peter’s lack of replies to her attempts to contact him in the last couple of days, Gwendolyn Stacy has decided to take matters into her own hands. If her boyfriend is in some super-secret superhero infirmary she wants to know, dammit. And if he’s just going through a “we shouldn’t be together, Gwen, you’ll get hurt” phase, she intends to have a good long talk with him.*

*As such, she presently walks into Stark Tower, and pauses to look around, hoping to find a face that might be able to help her obtain the information she needs.*

*Nobody really on the main floor, she hops in the elevator and proceeds to stop at whatever floors she can. On this particular floor that she now finds herself on, Gwen Stacy, young scientist, student, and girlfriend, is on a mission, determined not to be deterred by anything at all!*

Close to a breakthrough...

*Bobbi is excited and has been on the phone to SHIELD scientists most of the morning* *Now she’s busy in her lab, furiously writing up some results with a small smile on her face*

*the buzzer for the lab level goes off* *distracted, she lets whoever it is through, she’s expecting some deliveries*

*it’s bad security, and Jarvis beeps*

[Dr Morse, I suggest you look and see who is calling before you buzz them through]

Damned AI, I don’t know why they let you dictate terms to us seriously. *she sighs, but looks up and tilts her head when she sees who it is*

Oh, okay I get your point. *the buzzer goes off again*

Why Helpuppies and apartments don't mix

*Thor has a big container of chili that he’s bringing back to the apartment for Loki* *there is a lot in the main kitchen fridge as well, for anyone who wants some*

*he meets Sif on his way back to the apartment and invites her over for dinner* *he really did make a lot of food*

…it is just something that I found I enjoyed doing. I know, it does not suit a prince of Asgard nearly as well as hunting boar, but I find it quite a worthy thing to do.

*he’s got his hand on the door, ready to open it*

The Past Is Not Through With Us

*Smelling of tequila and cigars, Sigyn stumbles back to her quarters. She pauses a moment outside the door, making sure to calm her giggles and steady herself before entering. Slowly, she creeps to the twins’ room and checks on them, both fast asleep, lanky bodies sprawled out over the beds that are nearly too short, hair tousled, faces smooth and untroubled. She tucks them in more securely and indulges in a moment of watching them sleep before tiptoeing back to her own room.*

*She strips and leaves her clothes on the floor, resolving to worry about it once she’s more sober, before crawling into bed. It takes her some time to wind the covers around herself enough to feel secure. The last thing to cross her mind before she drifts off to a peaceful slumber is how nice it was to make friends, and how sweet the word “darlin’” sounded. Even though she was not quite sure what it meant, she could tell Logan meant it fondly.*

Leaving Asgard

*The halls of Asgard are near empty, only guards and the movement of servants disrupting the stillness. Thor stands at a window, waiting. Loki not been seen in some time, and Thor is anxious and worried. They were to meet shortly - and if Loki does not appear soon, the god of thunder will bring himself once more before Odin Allfather to make his displeasure at the treatment of his brother known.*

*For now, however, he waits*

Asgardian Invasion: Moving out and into a new (Asgardian proof) place

*It is a rather strange sight that the citizens of New York City are subjected to that day. From Avengers Tower comes a strange line of people - Four large men, one tall well muscled woman, one smaller woman, and three near identical boys who are followed by two dogs of questionable breeding*

*They walk across the city, carrying boxes filled with the belongings that the blondest of the men has accumulated in his stay at the tower, as well as the possessions of the smallest of the three boys* *there are boxes with clothing as well, and some with very newly acquired supplies for the dogs*

*they do not really stop for traffic; that is not the Asgardian way*

*they eventually come to building which has been prepared for them - it looks a bit old and very sturdy, with sweeping steps coming from the front and a secure fence around it.*

*It is, in fact, the new home of the representatives of Asgard in New York, which will also serve as an embassy*

*Thor sets the numberous boxes he has been carrying down and stands proudly in front of the building* My friends, I present to you our new home. 

Lady Sigyn, I trust you have looked over the paperwork that the government has given to us. Please, correct me if I have misunderstood - this place is to act as a piece of Asgard within this realm. Upon its ground, we have what mortals refer to as “diplomatic immunity”. Part of this place will serve all for official dealings between Asgard and Midgard. The rest is living quarters for us.

*he grins* I have been assured that the structure has been reinforced for Asgardian strength.