Quintet by Francaix performed by Valledo Winds (i’m the one playing horn) at the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival at the Juilliard School.

In less than a month I will be traveling to NYC with some of my closest friends. Aside from that, I will get the opportunity to work with Grammy nominated musicians that will lead me into the right path. So excited to see new places and meet new faces!!! #iwcmf #tamuk #nyc #Juilliard #instacollage

Dear friends,
Never I ever been so happy in my life. This summer I am fortunate enough to have been chosen to be part of the most prestigious music festival in the US, the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival in New York City!! Out of the thousands of people that submitted recordings, I was one of the lucky ones along with my colleagues. I was accepted into the Fellowship program that includes an $800 scholarship. Although that has been a good chunk they have granted me, I still need about $1200 more to go. I am asking you to click the link below to help me and my fellow members make this dream possible. No matter the quantity you donate, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.
Help Valledo Winds get to New York.