clearer photos of some new December Free!ES magazine spreads coming out on November 10th. the Sousuke + Matsuoka siblings Christmas spread with be for Newtype December 2014. Haru + Makoto on a coffee date is for Animage December 2014. and the Iwatobi Christmas spread is for Animedia December 2014


in the end rin’s homestay parents were very supportive and eight months later came along little sakura-chan and after that rin, sakura-chan and haru all lived happily ever after.

Which Free! Character Should You Fight?

Haruka Nanase 
Who wins: Nobody

Don’t fight Haru. Haru will not fight you. Remember all the times Rin tried to fight Haru in season one? Haru was having none of that. He will let you yell at him for a couple minutes and then he’ll leave with some vague little comment that makes you feel silly for wanting to fight him in the first place. Unless you somehow manage to mess with one of the very few things he’s emotionally invested in. In that case, he will fight you and he will win and you won’t even realize it happened until you wake up in the hospital two days later. Either way, do not fight Haruka Nanase.

Makoto Tachibana
Who wins: the entire Iwatobi Swim Club

Do not fight Makoto Tachibana. Why would you even want to fight Makoto Tachibana? He is an angel. He stops to pat kittens and he swims with his friends even though he’s afraid of the water. You will later get punched in the face by every member of the Iwatobi Swim Club (and also Rin Matsuoka if you’re instigating this fight post Season 1). It’s not worth it. You should feel bad for even considering this.

Nagisa Hazuki 
Who wins: Nagisa

Nagisa may look like an easy mark, but don’t be fooled by his small frame and easygoing attitude. Nagisa is tricky and will manage to convince you that you don’t even really want to fight him in the first place, before catching you off guard and kicking you into the pool just as you are ready to surrender, still smiling cheerfully. You don’t want to fight Nagisa. Spare yourself the humiliation and shame.

Rei Ryugazaki
Who wins: You

Rei talks big, but you could fight this nerd with one hand tied behind your back. Plus, once you win you will get to watch him try to explain the logical reasons why he was at a disadvantage and he will demand a rematch under better conditions while pushing up his glasses in that way that he thinks makes him look cool and mysterious. Fight Rei as many times as you need to: he will keep altering the circumstances in hopes of finding the scientific reason for why he keeps losing, but the truth is that he’s just hopeless at fighting. Just beat up this giant nerd. Stuff him in a locker.

Kou Matsuoka 
Who wins: Kou

Kou has to deal with keeping the Iwatobi Dork Club in line on a daily basis, and has had to deal with Rin’s drama queen shit for a very large portion if not all of her formative years. She knows what she’s doing. Kou is incredibly perceptive and ruthlessly efficient. Do not fight Kou, she is possibly the scariest person on this list. This is the worst idea you have ever had.

Rin Matsuoka
Who wins: You

Do it. Fight him. Rin needs a good punch in the face every once in a while to keep his priorities in line. He will probably cry, but don’t feel bad. Rin exists to be fought. You did a good thing, and once he’s done crying he will probably thank you.

Aiichiro Nitori
Who wins: Aiichiro

Upon finding out you want to fight him, Ai will be nervous and will try to get you to reconsider. However, if you don’t, keep in mind that Ai’s greatest strengths are his perseverance and his raw determination to do whatever he is doing to the very best of his ability. He will wear you down until you can’t fight any more, but he will still be throwing punches even after you surrender. Do not underestimate Aiichiro Nitori’s tenacity. He does not give up. You have no chance.

Momotaru Mikoshiba
Who wins: Nobody

He won’t even notice that you are trying to fight him. You will literally be throwing punches at this kid and he will take it as an act of camaraderie and talk your ear off until you knock him out. When he wakes up, he will start telling you about his prized stag beetle and invite you over to see it. Only fight Momo if you are willing to hang out with him on a regular basis from now on.

Sousuke Yamazaki
Who wins: You

Make no mistakes though, if it wasn’t for his shoulder, Sousuke would literally tear you to shreds in 0.5 seconds. Fortunately for you, he’ll be in too much pain after taking one hit if you aim it right, and that will put him out of commission long enough for you to make him surrender. That is really not fair though and you know it. You are a bad person and will be haunted by the guilt of what you’ve done. Just don’t fight Sousuke.

Seijuro Mikoshiba 
Who wins: Seijuro

Are you kidding? Sei is both extremely powerful and absolutely swole and could beat you easily. Especially if he knew Kou was watching. This is a bad idea. Reconsider.

Kisumi Shigino 
Who wins: Kisumi

Fight him anyway though. He’s too smug for his own good. He needs to know that someone is willing to fight him, and he doesn’t have to find out that you still want to smooch him anyway as he’s punching your lights out. If you don’t tell him, I won’t either.


some photos of the new Free!ES 2015 Official Calendar! we’ve got the Samezuka and Iwatobi boys doing various jobs; conductors Sousuke and Rin, bakers Makoto and Haru, delivery boys Momo and Ai, conductors Nagisa and Rei, and both Samezuka and Iwatobi as restaurant waiters! so cute! 

| Soumako Week | Day 4 - birthday/families |

The gang decided to celebrate both their birthdays together because they’re on a real tight budget. Also the camera sets off at the right wrong timing lol.