My First Love

When I see you loving someone new, it kills me. You were my first. My first true love. My first best friend. My first “Forever & Always”. You were the first person I let in. I let you tear down every single wall I had built throughout the years. You did the same. You let me in, you convinced me you loved me, you told me we would always be together and last through anything life threw at us. You put a ring on my finger. Man, you sure had me fooled. I thought you meant it. But now I see you doing the same thing with her. I hope she’s a little less gullible than I was. I hope she sees through your lies. Though if she does, I suppose you’ll just move on to your next victim. You’ll draw them in with your intriguing words and captivating smile. You’re the ultimate predator. I was only a foolish lamb. How could I have run from you?